Five Element Diagnosis

  1. Generating (Sheng) cycle
    Wood not generating Fire
    LV/GB not nourishing HT: timidity, lack of courage, indecision, palpitations, insomnia (waking up early in AM)
  2. Generating (Sheng) Cycle
    Fire not generating Earth
    Mingmen Fire not warming SP: loose stools, chilliness, weakness on limbs
  3. Generating (Sheng) Cycle
    Earth not generating Metal
    SP xu -> to LU phlegm: Phlegm in the chest, cough, tiredness
  4. Generating (Sheng) Cycle
    Metal not generating Water
    KD not receiving LU qi: cough, breathlessness, loss of voice, asthma (could not be inhaling/exhaling)
  5. Generating (Sheng) Cycle
    Water not generating Wood
    KD Yin xu -> LV yin xu: Dizziness, blurred vision, headache, vertigo, LBP
  6. Controlling (overacting) on Grandson
    Water Overacts on Fire
    KD Yang xu: edema of ankle, backache, feeling of cold, dizziness, expectoration of thin watery sputum, palpitation.
  7. Controlling (overacting) on Grandson
    Wood Overacts on Earth
    LV qi stag -> SP xu: Hypochondriac pain / epigastric pain, distention feeling, irritability, loose stools, poor appetite, GREENISH face
  8. Controlling (overacting) on Grandson
    Fire Overacts on Metal
    Excess Heat in LU: cough with profuse yellow sputum, feeling of heat, RED face
  9. Controlling (overacting) on Grandson
    Earth Overacts on Water
    SP damp -> KD xu (water metabolism affected): edema, difficult urination, YELLOW face
  10. Controlling (overacting) on Grandson
    Metal overacts on Wood
    Signs: tiredness, irritability, distention feeling, WHITE face
  11. Insulting (counteracting) on Grandmother
    Metal Insulting Fire
    LU qi xu -> HT qi xu: palpitations, insomnia, breathlessness
  12. Insulting (counteracting) on Grandmother
    Water Insulting Earth
    KD yang xu -> SP yang xu: loose stools, edema, tiredness, weakness of limbs
  13. Insulting (counteracting) on Grandmother
    Wood Insulting Metal
    LV insulting LU: cough, asthma, distention feeling on chest and hypochondrium
  14. Insulting (counteracting) on Grandmother
    Fire insulting Water
    HT & KD disharmony: malar flush, insomnia, dry mouth during the night, dizziness, night sweating, LBP
  15. Insulting (counteracting) on Grandmother
    Earth insulting Wood
    SP damp -> LV qi stag: Jaundice, hypochondriac pain and distension
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Five Element Diagnosis
Five Element Diagnosis (signs and symptoms) for Generating, Controlling (Overacting) and Insulting (Counter Attack) cycle.