1. What does "weather" mean?
    What the air is like outside
  2. What are clouds made up of?
    Water droplets in the air
  3. Describe a Cumulous cloud
    Big and puffy
  4. Describe a Cirrus cloud
    made of tiny ice crystals... high and thin
  5. What is the atmosphere?
    the blanket of gas that surrounds Earth
  6. What is the atmosphere made up of?
    Gases that have no color, taste, or odor (smell).
  7. What kind of weather can you expect if the air pressure is HIGH?
    Sunny and clear skies
  8. What kind of weather can you expect if the air pressure is LOW?
    Cloudy or rainy
  9. The amount of water vapor in the air
  10. What does a barometer measure?
    Air pressure
  11. What does an anemometer measure?
    Wind speed
  12. What does a wind vane measure?
    Wind direction
  13. What does a hygrometer measure?
    Humidity (how much water is in the air)
  14. What does a rain gauge measure?
    How much rain has fallen
  15. How do satellites help scientists gather information about the weather?
    Satellites take pictures from high above to see what the weather is like. The pictures are sent to scientists.
  16. What is the name of the gas that is released by cars and trucks?
  17. Why should people stay indoors during polution allerts?
    Pollution in the air can make it hard to breathe. Pollution can also make people cough or sick.
  18. What three things do weather patterns depend on?
    • Sun
    • Water
    • Where you live
  19. Describe a hurricane
    heavy rain, strong winds, huge waves
  20. Describe a tornado
    A spinning, funnel-shaped cloud of air that touches the ground
  21. Describe a blizzard
    Low temperatures and lots of blowing snow
  22. How does the National Weather Service help people stay safe?
    It puts out watches and warnings about possible storms
  23. Predict:

    It is a rainy day, but the air pressure is getting higher. What might happen?
    The sky will probably get clearer and the clouds might go away.
  24. How might weather be different if water never evaporated?
    No precipitation (rain) and the land would be more wet.
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