heath test 3

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  1. Name 5 chemicals in cigarettes
    ammonia, acetone, nicotine, carbon monoxide, and arsenic
  2. the effectso of smoking
    cause cancer, messes up your immune system, trouble breathing, yellow teeth
  3. the effects of smokeless tobacco
    increased heart rate, mouth cancer, haliotsis, tooth decay
  4. definitcon of BAC
    blood alcohol content.
  5. the path of acohol though your body
    1.mouth 2.stomach 3.small intestine 4.heart 5.brain 6.liver 7. out the body
  6. what is the only thing that will sober you up
  7. name 5 ways drugs enter your body
    injecting, eating, smoking,sniffing, drinking
  8. 3 ways of testing for marijuana
    urine, hair and seliva
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