U.S Constituion

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  1. what is Article I
    Legislative Branch.
  2. How many Sections are in Article I
  3. Order the Sections in Article I
    • Congress
    • House of Rep.
    • Senate
    • Elections and meetings
    • Legislative proceedings
    • Compensation, Immunities, and disabilities o members.
    • Revenue Bills, Presidential Veto.
    • Powers of Congress
    • Powers denied to Congress
    • Powers denied to the states.
  4. What is Article II
    Executive Branch
  5. How many sections are in Article II
  6. What are the Sections in Article II
    • President: term, election, qualifications, compensation, oath of office
    • President's powers and duties
    • President's Powers and duties
    • Impeachment.
  7. What is Article III
    Judaical Branch
  8. How many sections?
  9. What are the sections of Article III
    • Courts, terms of office
    • Jurisdiction
    • Treason
  10. What is Article IV
    Relations among States.
  11. How many sections are in article IV
  12. Name the sections in Article IV
    • Full Faith and credit
    • privileges and immunites of citizens
    • New states, territories
    • protection afforded to states by the nation.
  13. what is article V
    Provisions for Amendment
  14. How many Sections are in Article V
    None. n/a
  15. What is Article VI
    Public debts, Supremacy of nation law, oaths.
  16. How many sections are in article VI
  17. What are the sections of Article VI
    • Validity of debts
    • supremacy of national law
    • Oaths of office
  18. What is Article VII
    Ratification of Constitution
  19. How many Sections are in Article VII
  20. Protection of individual Rights
    Bill of Rights
  21. Formal changes to the constution
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