Cellular Organelles

  1. What are the three organelles that plant cells have that animal cells don't?
    Cell wall, chloroplast and large vacuole
  2. What directs all cellular activities?
    The nucleus
  3. Which organelle captures sunlight to make food?
    The chloroplast
  4. What is the outermost layer of plant cells for support and protection?
    The cell wall
  5. Which organelle stores water?
    The vacuole
  6. Which organelle is the barrier between the inside and the outside of the cell?
    Cell membrane
  7. What is the jelly like fluid inside of the cell called?
  8. Which organelle is found only in animal cells and not in plant cells?
  9. What is the purpose of a cell's organelles?
    They help to carry out life processes
  10. What is the evidence that chloroplasts and mitochondria were once prokaryotic cells?
    Small size, double membranes, own DNA
  11. The organelle that changes food into energy
  12. The organelle that is the delivery system of the cell
  13. What is the organization of life from smalles to largest?
    cell, tissue, organ, organ system
  14. Which cellular organelle holds the DNA?
  15. Living things contain this basic unit of life
    The cell
  16. What would be an example of a tissue?
    Fat, blood, muscle
  17. Which organelle modifies, packages and transports materials?
    Golgi complex
  18. What is a prokaryote?
    Bacteria, small, circular DNA, no membrane bound organelles
  19. What are eukaryotes?
    Larger cells, linear DNA, membrane bound organelles, plants, animals, fungi and protists
  20. What is unicellular?
    Single celled
  21. What is multicellular?
    Many celled
  22. What is a tissue?
    A group of cells that have a specific job
  23. What is an organ?
    A group of tissues with a specific job
  24. What is an organ system?
    A group of organs with a specific job
  25. What makes proteins in cells?
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