Hodges Vocab 5

  1. Avarice
    • insuitable greed for riches
    • desire to gain or hoard wealth
  2. Castigate
    to criticize or reprimand severely
  3. Transcend
    to rise above or go beyond; exceed
  4. Tribulation
    severe trial or suffering
  5. Dejected
    depressed in spirits
  6. Bequeath
    to hand down; pass on
  7. Prowess
    exceptional valor; bravery
  8. Temporal
    temporary; only lasting for a time
  9. Maim
    to impair; make defective
  10. Rebuke
    to express sharp, stern disapproval of; reprimand
  11. Ecstasy
    • rapturous delight
    • a state of sudden, intense feeling
  12. Discretion
    power or right to act according to one's own judgment
  13. Meager(ly)
    lacking fullness or richness
  14. Legitimate
    according to law; lawful
  15. Deign
    to condescend to give or grant
  16. Anguish
    excruciating or acute distress, suffering, or pain
  17. Presumption
    assumption of something as true
  18. Compel
    to overpower; to force to submit
  19. Oblige
    • to bind morally or loyally
    • to be in gratitude towards
  20. Reproach
    to find fault with
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