organ systems

  1. voluntary movements, motivation, mood and aggression
    frontal lobe
  2. heat, cold, pain, touch and body position
    parietal lobe
  3. vision
    occipital lobe
  4. hearing and smell memory, thought and judgement
    temporal lobe
  5. coordination of skeletal movement
  6. connects spinal to the brain (medulla oblongata, pons, midbrain and interbrain)
    brain stem
  7. somatic nervous system and autonomic NS
    1. sympathetic division increase activities
    2. parasympathetic division slows body functions
  8. inpatients and outpatients
    health facilities
  9. primary-doctor
    secondary- referal to specialist
    tertiary- specialized equipment (dialysis etc)
    Health Care
  10. CNS- spinal and brain
    PNS-connects CNS to other parts of the body
    Nerves and ganglia
    Nervous System
  11. cells body, dendrites and axon
  12. an organized set of policies, procedures and activities designed to protect and promote the health and well being of students and staff which has traditionally included health services, healthful school environment and health education
    Comprehensive School Health Program
  13. School Health Services
    School Health Environment
    School health Education
    School Health Services
  14. Voluntary health organizations, official health agencies, medical and dental health associations, health care professions, business and industry, religious organization and adults service clubs
    community Health
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