1. What are the functions behind nutrition?
    • Provides energy for body processes and movement
    • Provides structural material for body tissues
    • Regulating body processes
  2. What do we need for adequate and proper nutrition?
    • Water
    • Protein
    • Carbs
    • Fats
    • Vitamins
    • Minerals
  3. A nurse making a home visit routinely screens for dehydration in elderly pts. Which of the following would the nurse assess?

    B. Skin turgor, heart, and lung sounds

    *readily available
  4. What kind of developmental factor influences nutrition?
    • Little children eat certain foods, and maybe just 3 types of food.
    • Older pts have less appetite/aspiration risk
    • Growth spurts lead to increase in eating or toddler- lots of hot dogs
    • Junk food among kids
  5. What kind of gender factor influences nutrition?
    Males need different nutrition because of muscle tone.
  6. What kind of ethnicity/culture factor influences nutrition?
    Some foods pt avoids because of their culture or hospital doesn't provide any of their ethnic foods so they don't eat.
  7. What are some beliefs pts can have that affect nutrition?
    Last diet fad especially among women.
  8. What are some personal preferences that can influence nutrition?
    Meals on wheels have limited choices, and you have to eat based on their schedule.
  9. What kind of lifestyle factors can influence nutrition?
    Microwave meals due to being busy, lack of cooking skills so eat convenient foods, overeating, alcohol consumption, or having no resources
  10. What kind of economic factor influences nutrition?
    Huge problem when someone can only afford their rent, or only room without any stove or fridge.
Card Set
Identify nutrition factors influencing nutrition, describe nursing interventions to promote optimal nutrition and treat pts with nutritional problems.