Linear Equations in One Variable

  1. The distance a number is from zero on the number line.
    Absolute Value
  2. Adding the same number to each side of an equation produces an equivalent equation.
    Addition Property of Equality
  3. Two numbers that when added together equal 0.
    Additive Inverse
  4. The number 0 is the additive identity, because the sum of any number and 0 is the number.
    Additive Identity
  5. A mathematical phrase involving at least one variable. Expressions can contain numbers and operation symbols.
    Algebraic Expression
  6. A mathematical sentence that contains an equals sign.
  7. To perform operations to obtain a single number or value.
    Evaluate an Algebraic Expression
  8. A mathematical sentence that contains the symbols <, >, <, >.
  9. Pairs of operations that undo each other.
    Inverse Operation
  10. Monomials that have the same variable raised to the same power.
    Like Terms
  11. An equation that can be written in the form ax+b=c where a,b, and c are real numbers and a does not equal 0.
    Linear Equation in One Variable
  12. Multiplying both sides of an equation by the same number produces an equivalent expression.
    Multiplication Property of Equality
  13. The number 1 is the multiplicative identity, because the product of any number and 1 is the number.
    Multiplicative Identity
  14. Two numbers that when multiplied together equal 1.
    Multiplicative Inverse
  15. The value or values of a variable that make an equation a true statement.
  16. Identify the value that when substituted for the variable makes the equation a true statement.
  17. A letter or symbol used to represent a number.
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