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  1. Tablets can vary in many ways including size, shape, color, Disintegration/______, and usage.
  2. Advantages of oral tablets are
    • cheap
    • easy to package/transport
    • Stability
    • tamper resistent
    • patient acceptance
  3. Disadvantages of oral tablets
    • limited dosage flexibility
    • complex formulation requiremtns
    • esophogeal adheasion
  4. T/F some machines can produce 250 tablets for second
  5. T/F powder is fed into Dials and compressed at high pressure using kickers.
    False, Fed into dies and compressed with punches.
  6. Paradox for compressed tablets, to make it strong enough for processing and handling but capable of _______
    Breaking down upon administration
  7. Essential properties of powders are _____ and _______.
    • Fluidity- powder must flow into dies well
    • Compresability- must form stable intact mass when pressure is applied
  8. These are used to improve fluidity
    Glidants, lubricants and granulation
  9. these are used to improve compressability
    special excipients and granulation
  10. Purposes of granulation are to prevent _______, improve powder fluidity, and improve powder _____.
    • Stratification
    • Compressability
  11. Excipients for Tablet formulation are _______ (diluents), _______, ______, _______, and _____.
    • Filler- starch
    • adhesive- Providone
    • glidant- colloidal silica, talc
    • Lubricant- magnesium stearate
    • disintegrant- starch, cellulose derivatives
  12. Tablet formulation approaches
    Wet/dry granulation and direct compression.
  13. Direct compression is used for drugs with both ____ and _____ properties.
    Cohesive and flow, not many drugs have both properties.
  14. Tablet coating reasoning
    • Protect ingredients
    • mask taste
    • facilitate swallowing
    • mask differences
    • tablet ID
    • manufacture distribution
    • Enteric and controlled release
  15. Types of coating are
    • Sugar coating without indentations
    • Film coating wtih indentations
  16. Pioneers of gel coating are
  17. The special pH polymer used in enteric coating is
    cellulose acetate pthalate
  18. Enteric polymers work by _____ groups on polymer backbone which allows solubility to increase at a pH of ____.
    • Carboxyl
    • 5.2
  19. Tests to assure tablet quality are
    Appearance- mottling or cracking

    Thickness- determine by fill volume, die diameter, comp pressure.

    • Hardness- crushing strength required
    • Friability- tendency to crumble
    • USP tests- drug content and drug release
  20. Tests for drug content
    Weight variation- asseses drug content uniformity

    Drug content uniformity- uniform active ingredient
  21. Tests for drug release
    Disintegration test- complete disintegration (no palpable core), and basket rack assembly.

    *** Note fluids and disintegration times can vary according to drug monograph.
  22. Sublingual NTGs must disintegrate in under _ minutes.
    2 minutes
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