Powders DF2

  1. Powders and granules definition
    • Powders- mixture of finely divided drugs
    • Granules- powder mixes plus excipients
  2. Bulk powders are ___dose whereas divided powerders are ____ dose.
    • Multi
    • Single
  3. Divided forms of oral powders can be
    • Powder packets
    • sachet
    • extampenous powder papers
  4. Powders serve as the starting point for most _____ ____.
    Dosage forms
  5. Advantages of oral powders/granules
    • Stability
    • convenient to convert to liquid
    • Convenient for high dose
  6. Disadvantages of oral powders
    • Requires an added step
    • Potential misunderstanding on how to take
    • inaccuracies
  7. Particle size is important for _____ rate, particle flow, and Particle ______ in suspension.
    • Dissolution rate
    • Particle settling
  8. Particle flow can affect many variables including
    • Mixing and pouring
    • speed of processing
    • stratification
  9. T/F factors determining particle flow are electostatic charge, absorbed moisture, density, size, shape, and fat content.
    False, fat content is not a factor
  10. eutectic mixture is an alloy which ______ the melting point.
    Reduces below room temperature
  11. This mortar and pestle is best for comminuition
  12. Glazed porcelain mortar and pestle are best for
  13. Levigation definition
    Wet grinding, powder is mixed with levigation agent then grinded by either spatulation or trituration.
  14. When blending powders, ________ mixing is ESSENTIAL!!!
  15. Geometric dilutuion definition
    successive equal volume additions of diluent to a concentrate through mixing between each addition.
  16. Effervescent powders are combined with ___/____ mixtures that liberates ___ when combined with water.
    • Acid/base
    • CO2
  17. Effervescence aids in ____ _____.
    Taste masking
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