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    Alexander Mackenzie 2nd PM 1873-78
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    NFL became a province in 1949
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    Saskatchewan became a province in 1905.
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    Alberta became a province in 1905.
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    • Louis David Riel (22 October 1844 – 16 November 1885, pronounced /ˈluːi riːˈɛl/ in English) was a Canadian politician, a founder of the province of Manitoba, and leader of the Métis people of the Canadian prairies.[1] He led two resistance movements against the Canadian government and its first post-Confederation Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald.
    • Riel sought to preserve Métis rights and culture as their homelands in the Northwest came progressively under the Canadian sphere of influence. He is regarded by many as a Canadian folk hero today
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    PM during WW1 - Robert Borden 1911-1920.
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    Alexander Mackenzie 2nd PM 1873-78
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    • Gordon Campbell, MLA (born January 12, 1948) is the 34th Premier of British Columbia, a former real estate developer and teacher. As the leader of the British Columbia Liberal Party, which holds a majority in the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, he is the 34th Premier of British Columbia.
    • His government was re-elected for a third term on May 12, 2009; this was only the fourth instance of any party achieving this in British Columbia. Trained as a teacher, his political career began as executive assistant to Vancouver Mayor Art Phillips until 1976. He worked as a development manager and developer until 1986, when he became the 40th Mayor of Vancouver.
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    William Lyon Mackenzie King, PC, OM, CMG (December 17, 1874 – July 22, 1950) was the dominant Canadian political leader from the 1920s to the 1940s.
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