1. enigmatically
    adv.: perplexingly; mysteriously
  2. clamor
    n.: a loud uproar, as from a crowd of people
  3. oblivious
    adj.: unmindful or unaware
  4. obscure
    adj.: not readily seen, heard, noticed, or understood
  5. circumvent
    v.: go around or bypass
  6. affronted
    adj.: offended by an open display of disrespect; insulted
  7. pulpitated
    v.: quivered; trembled; pulsated
  8. deluged
    v.: covered with liquid; flooded
  9. pensively
    adv.: in a dreamily or wistfully thoughtful way
  10. elongation
    n.: a lengthening or extending
  11. extricated
    v.: freed or released from entanglement; disengaged
  12. rend
    v.: seperate into parts with force or violence; tear apart
  13. cajoling
    adj.: persuading by flattery or promises; wheedling; coaxing
  14. insolent
    adj.: haughtily contemptuous, extremely disrespectful
  15. callous
    adj.: insensitive; indifferent; unsympathetic
  16. expedient
    n.: a handy means to an end
  17. quarry
    n.: an excavation or pit from which building stone and slate are obtained by cutting or blasting
  18. impenetrable
    adj.: incapable of being penetrated, pierced, or entered
  19. routine
    n.: a rehearsed act, performance, or part of a performance
  20. gaudy
    adj.: showy in a tasteless way; flashy
  21. writhing
    v.: twisting the body about, as in pain or effort
  22. inexplicable
    n.: the unexplainable
  23. novel
    adj.: of a new kind; different from anything seen or known before
  24. annals
    n.: historical records, chronicles
  25. charade
    n.: an obvious fake or decepton; a mockery
  26. bereaved
    adj.: greatly saddened by the loss of a loved one
  27. adequately
    adv.: sufficiently
  28. incompetence
    n.: lack of ability or fitness; mental deficience
  29. mesmerized
    adj.: hypnotized; spellbound, fascinated
  30. objective
    adj.: not influenced by personal feelings or prejudice; unbiased
  31. stance
    n.: position or posture of the body while standing
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