the skeletal system part 2

  1. the skull is composed of what two bones?
    cranial and facial bones
  2. cranium
    sphear like structure that surrounds and protects the brain
  3. the cranium is made up of ___ bones
    • 8 total
    • 1 frontal
    • 2 pariental
    • 2 temporal
    • 1 occipital
    • 1 ethmoid
    • 1 sphenoid
  4. the facial bones are made of of how many bones?
    • 14 total
    • 1 mandible (lower jaw)
    • 2 maxilla (upper jaw)
    • 2 zygomatic (cheek)
    • 2 lacrimal (inner aspect of the eyes)
    • 5 nasal
    • 2 palatine
  5. at birth, the cranium is _______
    not solid bone
  6. frontanels
    spaces that allow for the enlargement of the skull as brain growth occurs
  7. frontanels are made of membrae and cartillage and turn into solid bone by ___
    approx. 18 months of age
  8. areas there the cranial bones have joined together
  9. air spaces in the bones of the skull that act as resonating chambers for the voice
  10. openings in the bones that allow nerves and blood vessels to enter or leave the bone
  11. how many vertebrae make up the spinal column?
  12. what does the spinal column do?
    protect the spinal cord and provide support fot the head and trunk
  13. name the type of vertebrae that make up the spinal column
    • 7 cervical (neck)
    • 12 thoracic (chest)
    • 5 lumbar (waist)
    • 1 sacrum (back of pelvic girdle)
    • 1 coccyx (tailbone)
  14. pads of cartilage that separate the vertebrae, acts as a shock absorbers, permit bending and twisting movements of the vertebral column
  15. costae
  16. how many ribs are there?
    there are 12 pair of ribs
  17. ribs are attached to the _____________
    thoracic vertebrae on the dorsal surface of the body
  18. the first seven pair of ribs are called ________
    true ribs because they attac directly to the sternum (breastbone)
  19. the last five pair of ribs are called ________
    the first three are attached to _______
    and the last two pairs are called _________
    • false ribs
    • cartilage of the rib above
    • floating ribs because they have attachment to the front of the body
  20. sternum
    breast bone
  21. the sternum is made up of how many bones and what are they from top to bottom?
    • 3 parts:
    • manubrium (upper region)
    • gatdius (body)
    • xiphoid process (a small piece of cartilage at the bottom)
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