the skeletal system part 1

  1. how many bones are in the human body?
  2. how many functions are there of the skeletal system?
  3. __________- the bones form a framework to support the body's muscles, fat, and skin
  4. _______- bones surround vital organs to protect them
  5. ______- muscles attach to bones to help provide movement
  6. ________- bones help produce red and white blood cells and platelets, a process called hemopoiesis or hematopoiesis
    production of blood cells
  7. _______- bones store most of the calcium supply of the body
  8. what are the long bones also known as?
    bones of the extremities
  9. parts of long bone: diaphysis
    the long shaft
  10. parts of long bone: epiphysis
    one of the two extremities, or ends
  11. parts of long bone: medullary canal
    a cavity in the diaphysis filled with yellow marrow
  12. yellow marrow is mainly ____
    fat cells
  13. parts of long bone: endosteum
    a membrane that lines the medullary canal and keeps the yellow marrow intact; it produces some bone growth
  14. red marrow is where in the body?
    found in certain bones sich as the vertebrae, ribs, sternum, and cradium, and in the proximal ends of the humerus and femur
  15. red marrow
    produces red blood cells (erythrocytes), platelets (thrombocytes), and some white blood cells (leukocytes)
  16. importance of red marrow
    because bone marrow os so important in the manufacture of blood cells and is involved with the body's immune response, the red marrow is used to diagnose blood diseases and is sometimes transplanted in people with defective immune systems
  17. parts of long bone: periosteum
    a tough membrane that covers the outsime of bones; it contais blood vessels, lymph vessels, and osteoblasts (special cells that form new bone tissue)
  18. what is necessary for bone growth, repair, and nutrition?
  19. articular cartilage
    a thin layer of cartilage that covers the epiphysis and acts as a shock obsorber when two bones meet to form a joint
  20. how many sections of the skeletal system are there?
  21. axial skeleton
    forms the main trunk of the body; composed of the spinal column and breast bone
  22. appendicular skeleton
    forms the extremities; composed of the shoulder girdle, arm bones, pelvic girdle, and leg bones
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