Acts of Congress

  1. 1649- allow toleration for Potestants and Catholics in Maryland
    Act of Toleration
  2. 1662- loosened Puritan chruch requirements after drop in attendance
    Halfway Covenant
  3. 1763- Parliament resticted colonial settlement to east of Appalachians after clashes with Indians when colonists moved west
    Proclamation of 1763
  4. 1765- direct tax by Parliament which required stamps to be purchased for printed material
    Stamp Act
  5. 1767- revenue-producing taxes to pay for occupation of British troops in colonies; taxed lead, paint, glass, paper, tea
    Townshend Acts
  6. 1774- 4 acts to punish Boston for damage of Tea Party; refered to as the "Coercive Acts" by British
    Intolerable Acts
  7. 1774- established Catholicism as official religon of Quebec, expanded Quebec's territory
    Quebec Act
  8. 1785- passed by Article of Confederation Congress, established a method for surveying and selling western land, divided land into 6 mi2 "township"
    Land Ordinance
  9. 1787- passed by Articles of Confederation Congress,method for new territories joining union
    Northwest Ordinance
  10. 1798 series of acts By Federalists, imposed restrictions on aleins, attempt to limit Democratic-Republican party
    Alien and Sedition Acts
  11. 1807- Forbade US trade with foreign nations, signed by Jefferson to keep neutrallity during Napoleonic Wars
    Embargo Act
  12. 1809- Repealed embargo act with trade to all except France and Britain
    Non-Intercourse Act
  13. 1820- AKA compromise of 1820, admitted Missouri as a slave state and Maine as a free state, set southern boarder of Missouri as line between free and slave
    Missouri Compromise
  14. 1828- AKA Tariff of Abominations, led to Nulification Crisis, John C. Calhoun resigned, SC Exposition and Protest written
    Tariff of 1828
  15. 1830- Jackson's removal of the 5 Civilized Tribes from the South, Trail of Tears
    Indian Removal Act
  16. 1850- compromise for slave lands acquired after the Mexican War, CA admitted as free state, slave trade ended in D, stricter free slave law
    Compromise of 1850
  17. 1854-provided Kansas and Nebraska admission as slave or free, repealed Missouri Compromise
    Kansas-Nebraska Act
  18. 1862- distributed western lands to US citizens, gave land to people with a promise that it would improve
    Homestead Act
  19. 1868- prohibited President from removing officials appointed by Congress
    Tenure of Office Act
  20. 1878- limited the Treasury's purchase of silver to between $2-$4 million
    Bland-Allison Act
  21. 1882- prohibited immigration from China
    Chinese Exclusion Act
  22. 1883- provided for the objective appoointment of civil service positions on the basis of merit
    Pendleton Act
  23. 1887- created the Interstate Commerce Commission and forced all railway charges to be fair and reasonable
    Interstate Commerce Act
  24. 1890- authorized federal government to dissolve a trust, used to restrict the power of labor unions
    Sherman Antitrust Act
  25. 1890- replaced Bland-Allison act, required treasurt to purchase 4.5 million ounces of silver per month
    Sherman Silver Purchase Act
  26. 1900- established government for Puerto Rico, declared that citizenship wasn't granted to people of newly acquired territories
    Foraker Act
  27. 1906- forbade the manufacrture, sale, or transportation of mislabeled foods or drugs, response to The Jungle
    Pure Food and Drug Act
  28. 1906- aimed to eliminate dangerous and unsanitary conditions of meatpacking, response to The Jungle
    Meat Inspection Act
  29. 1914- strengthened the Sherman Antitrust Act, more specific to what was a trust, removed restrictions on labor unions
    Clayton Antitrust Act
  30. 1917- provided severe penalties to people guilty of spying or refusing to serve in the military
    Espionage Act
  31. 1919- provided enforcement for the 18th amendment (prohibition)
    Volstead Act
  32. 1924- provided payment of adjusted compensation for WWII vets, Bonus Army
    Adjusted Compensation Act
  33. 1930- increased tariff rates on imported goods, Hoover thought it would help with the Great Depression, most blaim it worsened the depression
    Hawley-Smoot Tariff
  34. 1932- Hoover's attempt to help Great depression by giving billions of $ of loans to bank, it was criticized for not helping poor
    Reconstruction Finance Act
  35. 1932- AKA Anti-Injunction Act, stopped federal courts from issuing injunctions to halt labor disputes, outlawed yellow-dog contract
    Norris-LaGuardia Act
  36. 1933- created National Recovery Administration and Public Works Administrations, later ruled unconsitutional
    National Industrial Recovery Act
  37. 1933- created the Federal Emergency Relief Administration to help states with grants
    Federal Emergency Relief Act
  38. 1933- established Agricultural Adjustment Administration, paid farmers to farm less
    Agricultural Adjustment Act
  39. 1933- Created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, guaranteed individual bank deposits
    Glass-Steagall Act
  40. 1935- AKA National Labor Relations Act, created National Labor Relations Board
    Wagner Act
  41. 1947- combined all military departments into defense
    National Defense Act
  42. 1965- eliminated literacy and other tests as voting requirements
    Voting Rights Act
  43. 1985- required Congress to balance budget
    Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act
  44. 1970- mandated that employers provide hazard-free work conditions
    Occupational Safety and Health Act
  45. 1973- set 60 day limit of having troops abroaad without congressional approval
    War Powers Act
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