1. Discuss nasal canula
    • -2-6L/min only
    • -use humidifier if over 4L
  2. Discuss simple mask
    • -has exhalation ports
    • -no bag
    • -switch to NC while eating
    • -use at 5-8 L/min
    • -make sure it covers nose and mouth
  3. partial rebreather
    • -has exhalation ports and a bag
    • -mixed RA and O2
    • -6-11L/min
    • -make sure bag stays inflated at all times
  4. non-rebreather
    • -emergent situation
    • -highest % of O2 delivered
    • -ensure valves are patent, not stuck, so pt. expired air has a place to escape
  5. venturi mask
    • -provides "custom" O2 level based on ABGs
    • -venturi mask best for pt. w/ chronic lung disease bc it delivers a more precise O2 concentration
  6. CPAP/BiPap
    • both provide Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation NPPV to keep
    • alveoli open and improve gas exchange w/o the need for intubation
    • CPAP: used for pt.s w/ sleep apnea, atelectasis after surgery or cardiac-induced pulm edema...helps hold open upper airways by providing constant pos. airway pressure throughout inhalation and exhalation
    • BiPap: pos. airway pressure higher on inspiration and lower on exppiration = improvement of tidal volume
  7. What is the relationship beween L of O2 and O2 %?
    Each L of O2 admin incr. the % of O2 delivered by about 4% from RA which is 21%
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