Seminar Exam III

  1. What is the radigraph technique used for PANS?
  2. How does the PAN radiographs create an image?
    By simultaneous movement of the x-ray tube and film cassette in opposite directions
  3. What is slit radiography?
    The acquisition of a large image by scanning it on to a film in segments to create a whole image
  4. Where does the film cassette rotate?
    In front of the patient
  5. Where does the tubehead rotate?
    Behind the patient
  6. What is the selected plane or image layer called
    The focal trough
  7. What is the focal trough shaped as
  8. The latent image on the radiographs are created by
  9. Hows is the light created on the film
    By the intensifying screens which surround the dental film
  10. What is the front and back intensifying screen also called
    The support or phosphor layer
  11. What is the function of the phosphor layer
    To produce visible light when exposed to x-rays
  12. What are the 4 layers of the film
    • High contrast emulsion
    • 2 low crossover layers
    • Constant-contrast emulsion layer
  13. What are the 2 lights emitted from intensifying screens
    • Green (rare earth)
    • Blue (calcium tungstate)
  14. What is faster the green or the blue light
    Green light
  15. With the intensifying screen what is the PAN equivalent to
    4 intra-oral bitewings
  16. What is the rare earth made of
    Lanthanum or gadolinium
  17. What is the colliminator for the PAN
    Vertical slit
  18. What is the exposure time for the PAN
    16 to 20 seconds set by manufacturer
  19. What are 4 components of the PAN machine
    • Panoramic x-ray tubehead
    • Film drum assembly
    • Head positioner
    • Exposure controls
  20. What is the angulation on the PAN
    Vertical set at -7 to -10 degrees
  21. What are the functions of the bite stick
    To position the dental arches in the focal trough in the correct anterior-posterior position
  22. At Citytech what is the KVP set to
    78 to 84KVP
  23. Having the positioning of the teeth anterior to the focal trough
    Make for radiographs with blurred and skinny anterior teeth
  24. If the tongue is not positioned on the pre-maxilla
    Shadows are created over the roots of maxillary teeth & airway space over ramus
  25. What is the lead apron also called
    Shark fin artifact
  26. The film drum being locked during exposure causes
    A single black line
  27. What is little or very light image caused by
    Reversed intensifying screens
  28. What is arborization caused by
    Static electricity
  29. What are some of the disadvantages of Dentures
    • Continued resorption of the alveolar and cortical bone
    • Decreased ability to chew and taste
    • Loss of vertical dimension
  30. What are the 3 types of implants
    • Subperiosteal or Periosteal 1950
    • Transosteal 1970
    • Endosteal
  31. What are the periosteal implants used for
    • On severely resorped ridges
    • Does not osseointegrate
  32. What is the periosteal implant made from
    A direct bone impression
  33. What implant is not used anymore
    Transosteal implant
  34. What is the first type of endosteal implant
    • Blade type
    • Does not osseointegrate
  35. What is the endosteal implant primarily used today
    Root form
  36. What are the techniques for the endosteal implants
    1 stage and 2 stage
  37. What are the length of the mini diameter of the endosteal implants
    1.8 to 2.4
  38. Who started the endosteal implants
    Dr. P.I Branemark
  39. What are the 3 phases to osseointegration and how long do they last
    • Healing phase 0-12 months
    • Remolding phase 3-18 months
    • Steady state 18months---
  40. What is the strongest type of bone
    Compact/Lamellar bone
  41. After 4months compact bone is formed from what bone
    Spongy bone
  42. What are 2 properties of Titanium
    • 45% lighter then steel
    • Stratches easily
  43. What is the body made of
  44. What is the abutment made of
    Titaniu, aluminum oxide and cermic zirconia
  45. What are the components of a root form implant
    • Implant fixture
    • Cover screw
    • Healing collar
    • Abutment collar
  46. What are fat boys
    Implants that are wider then longer
  47. What are some bone diseases that contraindicate implant placement
    • Paget's disease
    • Fibrous Dysplasia
    • Histiocytosis X
    • H/N radiation and bisphosphonate therapy
  48. What is the implant failure rate for smokers
  49. What is D1 in the Misch Classification of Bone Density
    Dense compact bone
  50. What is D2 in the Misch Classification of Bone Density
    Porous compact bone
  51. What is D3 in the Misch Classification of Bone Density
    Coarse trabecular
  52. What is the D4 in the Misch classification of bone density
    Fine trabecular
  53. What is D5 in the Misch classification of bone density
    Very soft bone with large trabecular spaces
  54. What is the classification of bone density found in 65% of the anterior maxilla
  55. What is the classification of bone density found in 66% of the anterior mandbile
  56. What is the classification of bone density found in 50% of the posterior maxilla
  57. What is the classification of bone density found in 40% of posterior maxilla
  58. What is the classification of bone density found in 50% of the posterior mandible
  59. What is the classification of bone density found in 25% of the anterior maxilla
  60. What is the ideal placement of implants
    minimum of 2mm from IAN canal or below maxillary sinus
  61. What is the ideal WIDTH for the endosteal root form implant in bone
  62. What is the ideal LENGTH for the endosteal root form implants in bone
  63. What is the ideal HEIGHT of endosteal root form implants in bone
  64. What kind of graft is the ramus or chin graft
  65. What kind of bone graph is the Bio-Oss
  66. What are the three stages to a single tooth implant
    • 1st (Implantment placement)
    • 2nd (Implant uncovery)
    • 3rd (Prosthetic phase)
  67. How long of healing does is take to place a healing cap on the maxilla
    6 months
  68. How long of healing does it take to place a healing cap on the mandible
    3-6 months
  69. How long of healing does it take to place a healing cap on the posterior maxilla
    6-9 months
  70. How long of soft tissue healing should it take before taking final impressions
    4-6 weeks
  71. What is the perimucosal seal
    Zone between the soft tissue and the implant composed of junctional epithelium
  72. What are the 3 bacteria in biofilm responsible for implant failure
    • P Intermedia
    • Fusobacterium nucleatum
    • Porphromonas gingivalis
  73. What is peri-implant mucositis
    A reversible inflammation reaction to the implant
  74. What is peri implantitis
    Affects the bone AND the soft tissue
  75. How many grams of pressure is used when probing implants
    20 grams
  76. How long after implants are placed could you probe
    After 1 year and only the buccal/lingual surfaces
  77. It is reasonable to expect how many mm of bone loss within the first year
    1mm and 0.1 after that 1.5Max
  78. What is the butler impant floss indicated for
    Abutment surface Ball attachment and ridge bar
  79. What kind of instruments can be used to remove calculus without damaging
    Plastic, graphite and gold tipped
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