Psych Chapter 9

  1. motivation
    factors that energize, direct or sustain behavior
  2. need
    state of biological or social deficiencies
  3. need hierarchy
    Maslow's arrangement of needs, in which basic survival needs are lowest priority and personal growth needs are highest priority
  4. self-actualization
    a state that is achieved when one's personal dreams and aspirations have been attained
  5. arousal
    psychological activation, such as increased brain activity, autonomic responses, sweating, or muscle tension
  6. drive
    psychological state that motivates an organism to satisfy its needs
  7. homeostasis
    the tendency for bodily functions to maintain equillibrium
  8. incentives
    external stimuli that motivate behaviors (as opposed to internal drives)
  9. the Yerkes-Dodson Law
    according to this law, performance increases with arousal until an optimal point, after which arousal interferes with performance
  10. extrinsic motivation
    motivation to perform an acitivty because of the external goals toward which that activity is directed
  11. intrinsic motivation
    motivation to perform an activity because of the value or pleasure associated with that activity, rather than for an apparent external reward
  12. need to belong theory
    the need for interpersonal attachments is a fundamental motive that has evolved for adaptive purposes
  13. emotion
    feelings that involve subjective evaluation, physiological processes, and cognitive beliefs
  14. display rules
    rules learned through socialization that dictate which emotions are suitable to given situations
  15. somatic markers
    bodily reactions that arise from the emotional evaluation of an action's consequences
  16. primary emotions
    evolutionary adaptive emotions that humans share across cultures; they're associated with specific biological and physical states
  17. secondary emotions
    blends of primary emotions, including states such as remorse, guilt, submission, and anticipation
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