Government Chapter 8 (A)

  1. commander in chief
  2. delivered to congress by the president
    state of the union address
  3. established order of presidential succession
    Twenty-fifth Amendment
  4. presides over the senate
    vice president
  5. requires seperate presidential and vice presidential ballots
    Twelth amendment
  6. administer the presidentail oath of office
    chief justice
  7. elects the president
    electoral college
  8. military and foreign policy advisors
    national security council
  9. limits the president to two terms
    twenty-second amendment
  10. created the executive office of the president
    Reorganization act of 1939
  11. the presidents salary is called
  12. following the vice president, the next in succession for the presidency is the
    Speaker of the house
  13. this african american won the support of many delegates at the 1988 democratic convention
    Jesse Jackson
  14. a president cannot exceed this number of years in office
    10 years
  15. This is often called the winner-take-all system
    Electoral College
  16. the first african american cabinet member was
    Robert Weaver
  17. the first president of the U.S. was elected by
    the Electoral College
  18. This group is chosen by the president for their experience in selected areas
  19. This is the largest agency of the Executive Office of the President
    Office of Management and Budget
  20. Which of the following is a requirement to become a president? a. native-born citizen b. political party member c. at least 45 years old d. military service
    a. native-born citizen
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