head and neck

  1. what lymph node drains the external ear and scalp?
    retroauricular nodes
  2. what does the retroauricular nodes drain?
    • external ear
    • scalp
  3. what does the occipital nodes drain?
  4. what drains the scalp?
    occipital nodes and retroauricular nodes
  5. what drains the posterior palate, maxillary 3rd molars, tonsils, base of tongue and thyroid
    deep cervical nodes
  6. what do the deep cervical nodes drain?
    • posterior palate
    • maxillary 3rd molars
    • tonsils
    • base of tongue
    • thyroid
  7. the deep cervical nodes drain the posterior palate, ____ ____ ____, _____, _____ _____ and thyroid
    • maxillary 3rd molars
    • tonsils
    • Base of tongue
  8. what drains the cervical triangles?
    supraclavicular nodes
  9. what do the supraclavicular nodes drain?
    cervical triangles
  10. what are the 5 steps back and down for the deep cervical nodes?
    • posterior palate
    • maxillary 3rd molars
    • tonsils
    • base of tongue
    • thyroid
  11. what does the submandibular nodes drain (CH UP A....)
    • cheek
    • upper lip
    • anterior palate
    • mandibular teeth (except incisors)
    • maxillary teeth (except 3rds)
    • body of tongue
    • sublingual salivary gland
    • submandibular salivary gland
  12. what drains the cheek?
    submandibular nodes
  13. what drains the upper lip?
    submandibular nodes
  14. what drains the anterior palate?
    submandibular nodes
  15. what drains the mandibular molars and premolars?
    submandibular nodes
  16. what drains the maxillary teeth (except 3rds)
    submandibular nodes
  17. what drains the body of the tongue?
    submandibular nodes
  18. what drains the sublingual and submandibular salivary glands?
    submandibular nodes
  19. what drains the mandibular incisors?
    submental nodes
  20. what does the submental nodes drain? (MFLAC)
    • mandibular incisors
    • floor of mouth
    • lower lip
    • apex of the tongue
    • chin
  21. what nodes are associated with MFLAC
    submental nodes
  22. what drains the floor of the mouth and lower lip?
    submental nodes
  23. what drains the apex of the tongue and the chin?
    submental nodes
  24. what drains the lacrimal gland?
    superficial parotid nodes
  25. what does the superficial parotid nodes drain
    lacrimal gland
  26. what does the anterior auricular nodes drain?
    external ear
  27. what drains the external ear?
    anterior auricular nodes
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