GRE Hot List

  1. to abate
    • to lessen in intensity or degree [Princeton Review]
    • make or become less [Barron's]
    • to reduce in degree or intensity; moderate; to reduce in value or amount [Taisha]
    • to lessen, to subside [Nandigam]
  2. aberrant (adjective)
    • deviating from the norm [Princeton Review]
    • not following the normal or correct way [Barron's]
    • deviating from the usual or natural type; atypical [Taisha]
    • abnormal or deviant [Nandigam]
  3. to abscond
    • to depart clandestinely; to steal away and hide [Princeton Review]
    • go away suddenly and secretly, esp in order to avoid arrest [Barron's]
    • to depart secretly and hide oneself [Taisha]
    • to go away suddenly (to avoid arrest) [Oleg Smirnov]
  4. accolade (noun)
    • an expression of praise [Princeton Review]
    • any award, honor, or laudatory notice: The play received accolades from the press.[Webster's]
    • praise; approval [Barron's]
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