ACCT 315

  1. employment at will doctrine
    has right to terminate at anytime with or without cause - old common law
  2. today employment law regulated by:
    state and federal
  3. does employment at will doctrine let employee to terminate at anytime without liability?
  4. contract exception to employment at will
    implied contracts exist even with oral agreements
  5. tort exceptions to employment at will doctrine
    wrongful discharge, defamation may be actionable (can be sued)
  6. public policy exception to employment at will doctrine
    protection from whistleblowing, can't be fired
  7. Fair labor standards act
    prohibits children under 14 for most work
  8. exceptions to child labor laws
    lawn care, entertainment
  9. children age 14-15 rules for working?
    • non hazardous occupations
    • cant work past 7:30 during school year
  10. children age 16-18 rules for working
    • no hour or day restrictions
    • can't work in hazardous occupation
  11. minimum wage laws and maximum hours and overtime come from:
    fair labor standards act
  12. Davis-Bacon Act
    dealt with only federal employees for wages and hours
  13. walsh-healey act
    must pay at least a liveable wage to federal employees
  14. Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)
    law making workplaces safe
  15. employers with ____ or more employees required to keep records of all injuries
  16. state workers' compensation laws
    • reduces employeer liability to employees for injuries
    • assures injuries will be compensated
  17. requirements for state workers compensation laws
    • requires injured employee to file claim
    • requires most employers to carry workers compensation insurance
  18. Social Security for:
    • retired
    • survivors of someone working and dies
    • pays for disabled person
  19. Social Security funded by:
    non voluntary employer and employee
  20. healthcare under Social Security
  21. Family and Medical Leave Act
    • 50+ employees
    • unpaid leave, without termination
    • benefits continue
    • must work for at least 1 year
  22. Times when you can use family and medical leave act
    • adoption of child
    • birth of child
    • serious illness of close relative
  23. Electronic Communications Privacy Act
    not supposed to monitor personal calls or emails
  24. T/F Drug testing is legal
    True: right to do so after contingent job offer
  25. T/F Genetic testing is legal?
    False, genetic testing is prohibited
  26. Immigration reform and Control Act 1986
    • prohibits from hiring illegal aliens
    • started lottery for IA's
    • fines and or jail time for hiring IA's
  27. Norris-LaGuardia Act : Labor Unions
    protects employees rights to peacefully strike
  28. Labor Management Relations Act
    • protects union members
    • prohibits feather betting
  29. First step to organizing a union
    authorization cards

    • 51% want to be in union
    • or 30% needed to force an eletion
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