English 10: The Journey Archetype

  1. What do the call do?
    Invites the charcter into the journey, offering the opportunity to face the unknown and grow mentally, spiritually or physically.
  2. What are five forms The Call can come in?
    • 1) Something is taken and must be reclaimed
    • 2) A sense that something is lacking in life ant what is missing must be discovered.
    • 3) Honor must be saved or restored
    • 4) Rights must be won for people, (something isn't just in society)
    • 5) The individual may refuse at first, out of fear.
  3. What is the Crossing of the First Threshold?
    The character leaves the "world" he/she knows (comfort zone) and enters the "world" of the unknown.
  4. What are Threshold Guardians?
    Protect character from taking journey before they are ready (parents).
  5. What are Helpers?
    Individuals, (not also human but not objects) that provide aid or direction- tend to pop up at just the right times.
  6. What does a mentor or a guide (can be supernatural) do?
    Mentor keeps the character focused on the ultimate goal- gives him/her stability, although the mentor cannot complete the journey for the main character.
  7. What are a few examples of challenges or temptations?
    money, depression, environment, drugs
  8. What is the Abyss?
    The greatest or darkest challenge. Greatest weakness/fear is faced- main character surrendors completely to the quest and becomes one with it.
  9. What is another name for the Abyss?
    The Belly of the Whale
  10. What is the charcter's mentality as they are in the Abyss?
    "If I get out of this, I'll never do anything bad again."
  11. What happens at Transformation and Revelation?
    Character is a master of two worlds.
  12. What is the Revelation?
    A sudden dramatic change in the way one thinks or views life- the lightbulb goes on.
  13. What is Atonement?
    After the transformation, atonement takes place. Character is "at one" with new self and new life. The imbalance that sent them on the journey has been corrected.
  14. What problems may exist upon return?
    • 1) Message obtained by journey is rejected by society (or family).
    • 2) Corrupted again by society, put back in same environement that was left before journey.
    • 3) Character may feel out of place on return and will have to leave to be on their own.
  15. What are the three main steps of the Journey?
    • 1) Seperation
    • 2) Transformation
    • 3) Return (to everyday life)
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