N202 Exam 2

  1. How often do diabetics need to have their eyes examined, and on average how long after diagnosis could it take for the patient to obtain diabetic retinopathy?
    • Once a year.
    • Within 10 years.
  2. What is myopia?
    Near sighted
  3. What is hyperopia?
    Far sighted
  4. How far away do you stand from the Snellen chart? What does the numerator mean and what does the denominator mean?
    • 20 ft away
    • the numerator is how far you are away
    • the denominator is how far away the average person can see that line
  5. What is considered legally blind?
  6. What is presbyopia?
    Decreased power of accommidation (lens is not as elastic)
  7. How is the confrontation test and what does it test?
    Stand 2 ft away from the patient and face them. Testing for peripheral vision.
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N202 Exam 2
N202 Exam 2