Narcotic Analgesics

  1. General indicators for Narcotic Analgesics include:
    • Droopy eyelids
    • "On the nod"
    • Drowiness
    • Depressed reflexes
    • Low, raspy, slow speech
    • Dry mouth
    • Facial itching
    • Euphoria
    • Fresh puncture marks
    • Nausea
    • Track marks

    **Tolerant users exhibit relatively little psychomotor impairment
  2. Overdose symptoms for users of Narcotic Analgesic users include:
    • Slow, shallow breathing
    • Clammy skin
    • Coma
    • Convulsions
  3. Narcotic Analgesics will cause the following symptoms in the circulatory system.

    Pulse Rate
    Blood Pressure
    Body Temperature
    Pulse rate, blood pressure and body tempature will all be down
  4. Narcotic Analgesics will cause the following reactions in the eyes:

    Lack of Convergence
    Pupil Size
    Reaction to Light
    • There is no HGN, VGN or Lack of convergence with Narc. Analgesics
    • Pupil size is constricted
    • There will be little or no visible reaction to light
  5. The Romberg's for Narcotic Analgesic users is
  6. Typical methods of administration for Narcotic Analgesics are:
    • Injection
    • Oral
    • Smoked
    • Insufflition
  7. The duration of effects for Narcotic Analgesics is
    4-24 hours depending on the substance
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