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  1. Buckeye Valley Mission Statement:
    • While maintaining a close relationship with the community, changing continually to meet the needs of the community
    • We ensure that the public and taxpayers of the district receive the highest, most effective services in providing fire suppression and medical care at the highest standards of professionalism
    • If you know and live by the mission statement; you can't go wrong
  2. Buckeye Valley FD covers what
    • 200 square miles
    • 6 stations: 3 Engines, 8 Rescues, 4 Tankers, 4 Heavy brush, Medic ride
    • 3 stations not manned
  3. Buckeye Valley FD service areas
    • Town of Buckeye
    • Goodyear
    • Gila Bend
    • Litchfield Park
    • Rainbow
    • Areas surrounding Buckeye
    • East to milepost 175 on State Route 85
    • South to milepost 135 on State Route 85
    • West to milepost 60 on I-10
  4. Fire and Rescue Stations
    • S329 Bearsley & Sunvalley PKWY
    • S328 Palo Verde Rd. & Vanburen
    • S327 Rainbow Rd. & Lower Buckeye
    • S326 Arlington Rd.
    • S324 Miller & MC 85
    • S321 Between Indian School & Camelback Off Perryville
  5. Fire Stations
    • S325(not manned)Palo Verde Rd. & Old Hwy 80
    • S323(not manned)Arlington School Rd. & cactus Rose Rd
    • S322(not manned)Riggs Rd. & 195th Ave
  6. How would you resolve a conflict with a worker
    • 90% of most conflicts take place because of a misunderstanding or lack of communication
    • Because this is an organization of mostly alpha males, you must humble yourself to know to get to the real reason of the conflict
    • Once the problem is identified; it's usually something stupid that can be laughed at
    • Example
  7. How would you handle a firefighter taking equipment
    • 1st thing is to not assume the guilt or the negative
    • Remember everyone crossed many obstacles to be hired
    • Let them know this looks bad due to equipment missing
    • Do not judge or come to conclusions; not my job or place
    • Could be taking taking suppies to another station
    • This is a job of integrity
    • If person becomes defensive:
    • investigate why?
    • Ask other firefighter
    • Last resort bring it up to chain of command
    • Try to resove at lowest level
  8. What do you know about Buckeye Valley FD
    • Community and Fire Family events
    • Pancake breakfast fund raiser every few months
    • Prayers and fund raisers for fellow FF Justin Dotson (motorcycle accident)
    • FF working shifts for free to help family
    • Car washes
    • New board just elected; Cpt Pahl
    • I'm a district resident
  9. How have you prepared for this position?
    • I feel I've been preparing for this my whole life.
    • What I mean is i've always been into team oriented organizations:
    • Football Team
    • Army Military Police Unit (Team)
    • Physical Fitness is a part of my life
    • Obviously I've obtained all my certs. (Fire I & II, EMT, HAZMAT, CPR)
    • Ride alongs: not just to ride but to learn:
    • What its really like at the fire house
    • Daily routines
    • Testing & evaluations
    • Physical fitness
    • Firehouse etiquiet
    • Prepared family (i'm in the Army)
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