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  1. abeyance
    a temporary halt to an activity: a short suspension
  2. abet
    to assist or urge another person, usually to do something illegal: to help commit a crime
  3. aberrant
    unusal from accepted or expected norms
  4. ablution
    the act of washing oneself usually for a ritual or as part of a religious rite
  5. abjure
    to recant, take back, or publicly give up previously held thoughts
  6. abridge
    to shorten a text without changing the meaning of the document
  7. abrogate
    to cancel or remove by a person of authority
  8. abscond
    to run away
  9. abstemious
    to actively avoid being self-indulgent, especially when eating and drinking
  10. abstruse
  11. abut
    to be next to
  12. accede
    to take or rise to office or posistion of authority
  13. accolade
    any word, token, or prize given in apprecitation, usually formal
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