ENSP 200 B

  1. The correct sequence of layers of the atmosphere from the innermost to the outermost is

    B) Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere
  2. The atmospheric layer containing all 75% of the mass of earth's air is the

    B) Troposphere
  3. Stratospheric Ozone is responsible for all of the following except:

    B) Lowering atmospheric water vapor
  4. Human inputs of outdoor air pollutants occur mostly

    A) In urban areas
  5. In India, the "asian Brown cloud" has reduced photosynthesis by what percentage?

    B) 7%
  6. Primary pollutants from burning coal include all of the following, except:

    D) Ozone
  7. Which is not part of the "Asian Brown Cloud"?

    C) Ozone
  8. Acid deposition is best classsified as a(n)

    A) regional problem
  9. Acid deposition has been linked to

    D) all of the above
  10. If the earth were an apple, the lowest layer of the atmosphere would be the thickness of

    B) The skin
  11. Harmful chemicals emitted directly itno the air from natural processes and human activities are called

    C) Primary pollutants
  12. Photochemical smog is characteristic of urban areas with many vehicles and a climate that is

    D) warm, dry, and sunny
  13. The people least vulnerable to air pollution are

    B) Adult males
  14. The greenhouse effect is best described as

    D) Consensus science
  15. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the troposphere at the start of the industrial Revolution was approximately

    A) 280 ppm (part per million)
  16. Acid deposition has been linked to

    D) all of the above are linked to acid deposition
  17. Major climate models project all of the following except:

    C) the falling of global sea levels
  18. Which of the following best describes the earth's average surface temperature for the past 900,000 years?

    C) Prolonged period of cooling and warming
  19. Vladimir Romanovsky is a research expert on

    D) permafrost
  20. A warmer world is least likely to result in

    A) moderate weather
  21. The fertility of males in Missouri is being reduced by

    B) agricultural chemicals in drinking water
  22. climate models predict that global warming will be most sever in which regions?

    B) Polar Regions
  23. About 1% of the earth's lower atmosphere is composed of all of the following greenhouse gasses except

    D) hydrogen
  24. Climate models indicate that we will have to death with all of the following issues that will result from a rapidly changing climate except

    C) what kinds of economics will exist
  25. prevention approaches to global warming include all of the following except

    B) increase beef production to strengthen public health
  26. He first recognized the natural greenhouse effect in 1896

    B) Svante Arrhenius
  27. This dam is key for California's Federal Central Valley Project

    A) Shasta
  28. What percentage of the earth's surface is covered by water?

    B) 71%
  29. The movement to water in the seas, air, and on land that is driven by solar energy and gravity is called

    B) Hydrologic cycle
  30. The geologic layer consisting of underground canverns and porous layers of sand, gravel, or bedrock, where groundwater flows, is called

    D) an aquifer
  31. which of the following is false?

    D) groundwater is stationary, it does not move
  32. the term subsidence refers to

    B) intrusion of salt water into a freshwater aquifer
  33. The main goals of a dam and reservoir include all of the following except

    B) clean the water
  34. which of the following is not true of the disaster that befell the aral sea?

    D) population of local animal species have remained stable
  35. The watershed that is vital to water supplies for sonoma county is

    A) the russian river
  36. A body of water can be depleted of its oxygen by

    A) organic wastes
  37. which of the following is a point source of water pollution?

    D) offshore oil well
  38. An oxygen sag curve

    B) occur when oxgyen-demanding wastes are added to the water
  39. the natural nutrient enrichment of a shallow lake, estuary, or slow moving stream is called

    A) eutrophication
  40. the only effective way to protect groundwater is to

    C) prevent contamination
  41. the majority of the oil pollution of the ocean comes from

    A) runoff from land
  42. which one of the following sewage treatments is properly matched?

    D) secondary (biological process)
  43. the greatest marine biodiversity is found

    A) in coral reefs
  44. three of the following areas are placed where 90% of all the ocean's fish spawn; one is not such as area. choose the one that is not.

    A) ocean bottom
  45. industrialized fishing has become highly mechanized. which of the following is not one of the major methods used to harvest marine fishes?

    A) mist netting
  46. Sustainable management of freshwater fishes involves all ofthe following except

    D) supporting introduction of commerically important nonative species
  47. which of the following was not shown as one of the strategies for dealing with climate change in the film Global Warming the Sign and the Science?

    D) flooding deserts with seawater to grow saltwater tolerant crops and reduce sea level rise
  48. in the film, everything's cool researchers showed taht the environmental message has been

    C) "i have a nightmare"
  49. He used 19th century water laws to acquire over 1 million acres of agricultural land in the san Joaquin Valley of California

    C) Henry Miller
  50. Today, California's Tulare Lake is known for

    B) 50 miles if cotton fields along Interstate 5
  51. The United State NASA scientist, who first identified CO2 gas in the troposphere as the major greenhouse gas effecting climate change, in 1987, was

    B) James Hansen
  52. In the United States, climate change is most evident here

    C) Shishmaref, Alaska
  53. The majority of biosolids from the Santa Rosa Laguna Wastewater Treatment plant are

    B) Composted
  54. The "Geologic Era" we are living in is now known as

    C) the anthropocene
  55. The leopard frog, of North America, is being impacted by

    C) runoff of chemicals/pesticides applied to cornfields
  56. monoculture agriculture is a type of

    A) industrialized agriculture
  57. All of the following are commonly grown in plantation agriculture, except

    C) potatoes
  58. Three grain crops provide 47% of humanity's food calories. The correct three grains are

    D) rice, wheat, corn
  59. A second green revolution has been taking place since 1967, based on

    A) fast growing rice and wheat
  60. Repeated irrigation in dry climates leads to soul degradation of the upper layers, a process called

    B) salinization
  61. In alley cropping

    C) crops are planted in strips between trees and shrubs
  62. One of the most important characteristics of a pesticide is how long it will stay deadly in the enviornment, a characteristic called

    C) persistence
  63. Which of the following includes all the others?

    B) pesticide
  64. Some traditional subsistence farmers grow several crosp on the same plot simultaneously, a practice known as

    D) polyculture
  65. In the United States, how much of the original topsoil is gone?

    D) 33%
  66. Compared to the traditional method of tilling soil, conservation tillage

    B) reduces fuel and tillage costs
  67. President George W. Bush's response of the 1997 Kyoto treaty was

    B) to withdraw the U.S. from participation in the treaty
  68. The "curse of Akkad" resulted from

    A) the loss of Lake Agassiz
  69. All of the following have occurred in the news in the past 3 months except

    A) the larsen B Ice shelf, in antartica, has become unstable with the breakup of an ice bridge that held it in place
  70. Farming the open oceans will require this technology

    B) aquapods
  71. Nitrogen makes up 21% of the air we breathe
  72. Pollution such as the Asian Brown Cloud can be cleared up fairly quickly when standards are set for coal burning industries
  73. Photocehmical smog is a mixture of primary and secondary pollutants formed under the influence of UV radiation from the sun
  74. Wet acid deposition occcurs near the emission source while dry deposition occurs in more distant areas
  75. Indoor air pollution usually poses a much greater threat to human health than outdoor air pollution even in the developed world
  76. Clime change affects only the less developed parts of the planet and will be short term
  77. Svante Arrhenius was the first to discover the gases of the atmosphere
  78. Over the past 50 years, Arctic temepratures have risen almost twice as fast as average temepratures in the rest of the world
  79. Changes in the energy output of the sun and moon are responsible for the majority of the rise in earth's temperature
  80. In a warmer climate the population of humans is likely to decrease in numbers
  81. The United States, China, and Russia (three of the world's major emitters) agreed in Copenhagen last year to particpate in a cap and trade program to slow global warming
  82. A 1 degree Celsius warming is apparently inevitable because we have waited too long to prevent it
  83. Thomnas Midgley Jr discovered the first carbon dioxide in the stratosphere
  84. The ozone hole is a reduction in concentrations of ozone high above the earth in the stratosphere
  85. Swiss camp is the research station that has been monitoring the glaciers in the mountains of Europe
  86. Water is seen more and more as a national security issue
  87. Withdrawing water from a nonrenewable aquifer is equivalent to mining a nonrenewable mineral resource
  88. Government subsideies designed to increase crop production have discouraged depletion of the Ogallala aquifer
  89. Drip irrigation is the most efficient method of delivering water needed for crops
  90. Urban household activities are by far the leading cause of water pollution
  91. Agricultural fields are a major source of non point source pollution for rivers and lakes
  92. The technology to convert sewer water into pure drinking water is inexpensive and faces little oppostion
  93. The heatlh of fisheries in West Africa has little impact on bushmeant or terrestial wildlife populations
  94. Ross Gelbpsn advocates humans need to reduce carbon emissions by 80% to slow climate change
  95. The loss of glaciers in Montana, are affecting the fishing industry because of reduced stream flows and warmer water temperatures
  96. In the 1960's build the CA water project, the atomic energy commision and the university of CA considered using nucelar detonations to build the canals for the project
  97. In canada's st lawrence river, beluga whales are evolving and developing new organs to handle industrial pollution
  98. The majority of wastewater treatment facilities across the U.S. use ultravoilet radiation to disinfect teh treated water before it is released back into the envriornment
  99. At a wastewater treatemnt plant, bacteria in anaerobic digesters produce methance gas in consuming sludge
  100. Today, even as we clean up chemical contamination in the envrionement, endrocine disruption is occuring and resulting in cases of Hypospadles.
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