AJ 103

  1. Field Notes
    shorthand written record made by investigation from arrival at scene until completion of assignment
  2. Incident Report
    crucial source of investigative information

    • two important elemets:
    • accuracy
    • writters clear intended communication
  3. NIBRS
    National Incident Based Reporting System

    collects a significant amount of information for later analysis by investigators
  4. Mobile Data Terminal
    mounted in police cars are very useful tool for report writing

    secure communications

    direct database check
  5. Narrative Supplemental Report
    Follow investigation report no less frequently then every 10 days after investigation
  6. Interrogatory/Investigative Questions
    asked by first responders

    meet most investigative infromation needs

    who, what, when, where, why, how
  7. Follow-Up Investigation
  8. Photo Line-Up
    include only ONE suspect in each identification procedures

    suspect fillers(non-suspects) ususally match the witnesses description
  9. Hot Spot
    Various crimes commited on a regular basis at a certain location
  10. Crime Spree
    same type of offense by the same offender
  11. Surveillance
    the secretive and continuous observation of persons, places, and things to obtain information concerning the activities and identity of individuals
  12. Polygraph
    verifies, corrocorate or refuses statements made by suspects, victims, and or witnesses.

    measures blood pressure, heartbeat, resperatory rate, amount of sweat on fingertips called galvanic skin
  13. Crimogens
    individual offender responsible for a large number of crimes


    victim who reports a large number of crimes
  14. Psychological Stress Evaluator
    voice stress analyzer
  15. Algor Mortis
    body temperature after death

    cools from normal internal temp to surrounding enviromental temperature
  16. Autopsy
    all violent, suspicious, or unexplained deaths require an autopsy to determine time and cause of death
  17. Cadaveric Spasm
    death grip
  18. Rigor Mortis
    after death muscles initially become flaccid
  19. Homicide
    killing of a human being by another
  20. Murder
    killing of a human being by another with malice afterthought
  21. Forensic Entomology
    study of insects associated with a dead body which is used to determine the elapsed times of death
  22. Livor Mortis
    purpulish color that appears inder the skin on portion of body closest to the ground
  23. AFIS
    Automated Fingerprint Identification System
  24. CODIS
    Combined DNA Index System

    used to link persons through DNA
  25. Criminalistics
    the applicataion of science to the study of physical evidence
  26. Frye v. United States
    1923 Federal case which established that the results of scientific technique would be admissible only if the technique had gained general acceptance in its feild.
  27. Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals
    1993 case in which the Supreme Court held that the admissibility of an experts testimony or a scientific techniques results depends on a preliminary assesment, made by the trial judge, of the principles and methodology involved.
  28. Forensic Science
    the examination evaluation and explanation of physical evidence in terms of law
  29. Morgues
    a crime lab that determines cause of death
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