Sociology Ch2

  1. What is culture and one characteristic?
    • Def: The social heritage of a people
    • Chara: Learned patterns for thinking, feeling and acting that are transmitted from one generation to the next through material and nomaterial means
  2. What is Society?
    Group of people who live with the same territoy and share a common culture
  3. what is Norms?
    Social Rules that deal mostly with sex, property and safety
  4. What is mores?
    Important norms
  5. Folkways
    Less stringent norms
  6. Laws
    Formal norms enforced by threat of force
  7. What are Values?
    Broad ideas shared by members of a socity regarding what is desirable, correct, and good
  8. what is symbols?
    Acts or objects that, in society, tand for omething else
  9. what is language?
    Socially structured system of sound patterens with specific and arbitrary meanings
  10. What is Ethnocentrism?
    Judging behavior of other groups by standards of our own culture
  11. Culural relativism
    Viewing behavior of people from perspective of their culture
  12. Subculture
    Members who participate in main culture of society while sharing number of unique valus, norms, traditions, and lifestyles
  13. Counterculture
    Subculture at odds with its parent society
  14. Social Structure
    interweaving of people's interactions and relationships in more or less recurrent stable patterns
  15. Status
    A position within group or society
  16. Ascribed Status
    Assigned by group of society
  17. Achieved Statues
    secured on basis of individual choice and competition
  18. Master status
    core status that carries primary weight that carries primary weight in person's interactions and relationships with others
  19. Roles
    Sets of culturally defined rights and duties
  20. Role Performance
    Actual behavior of the person who occupies a statues
  21. Role set
    Multiple roles attached to a single status
  22. Role Conflict
    Results when individuals are confronted with confliciting expectations stemming from simultaneous occupancy of two or more statuses
  23. Role strain
    Occurs when individuals find the expectations of a single role incompatiable that they have difficulty performing the role
  24. Role Exit
    Occurs when people stop playing roles that have central to their lives and to their social identies
  25. Groups
    Two or more people in stable patterns of social interaction and a sense of unity
  26. Aggregate
    Collection of anonymous individuals who are in one place at the ame time
  27. Category
    collection of people who share a characterisitic or havior pattern deemed to be of social significance
  28. Institution
    principal social structure that organizes, directs, and executes essential tasks of living
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