Roman Mythology

  1. What was apollo the god of?
    Sun and music
  2. What is apollo known as?
    Leader of muses and director of their choir
  3. Who claimed to be Apollo's son?
  4. What are three of Apollo's objects?
    Lyre, bow, tripod
  5. What was Bacchus the god of?
  6. What is Bacchus the patron deity of?
    agriculture and theater
  7. What is Ceres goddess of?
    the earth
  8. What is Ceres depicted with?
    a scepter, a basket of flowers and fruit, and a garland made of wheat ears
  9. What is Diana goddess of?
    moon and hunting
  10. What is were especially sacred to Diana?
    oak groves
  11. What is Janus god of?
    Gates, Doors and New Beginnings
  12. What is an interesting physical characteristic of Janus?
    He is two headed
  13. What is the symbol of Juno?
  14. Who did Juno protect?
  15. What is Jupiter god of (besides being king of Gods)?
    light and sky, and protector of the state and its laws
  16. What was Maia goddess of?
  17. Which goddess was the month of May named for?
  18. Which god was only accessible to women?
  19. Which god is the father of Romulous and Remus?
  20. Which month is named for Mars?
  21. What position was Mecury?
    messenger of the gods
  22. How was Minerva supposedly born?
    Out of her father's brain
  23. What is Minerva believed to have invented?
    numbers and musical instruments
  24. Who are Neptune's brothers?
    Jupiter and Pluto
  25. Who was Neptune's wife?
  26. Who did Pluto abduct? What was the consequence?
    Proserpina. We now have winter, a sign of her mother's grief
  27. What is Pluto god of?
    the underworld
  28. What is Proserpina goddess of?
    Queen of the underworld
  29. What is Saturn god of?
  30. Who was Saturn's wife?
  31. What is Uranus god of?
    the Heavens
  32. Who are two of Venus' lovers?
    Mars and Vulcan
  33. What was Vesta goddess of?
    The Hearth
  34. What does Vesta traditionally hold?
    A scepter
  35. What is Vulcan god of?
    Smithing, fire, volcanoes
  36. Who made the thrones for the other gods on Mt. Olympus?
  37. What was Cerberus?
    Dog of the Underworld
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