Advertising Chapter 8

  1. What is media strategy?
    The process of analyzing and choosing media for an advertising and promotions campaign.
  2. Preparing an effective media strategy is one of the most important ingredients in matching what two things?
    Advertising Campaign and the Overall Integrated Marketing Communications Program
  3. What are the main parts of a media plan?
    • Marketing Analysis
    • Advertising Analysis
    • Media Strategy
    • Media Schedule
    • Justification and Summary
  4. What is involved in the market analysis?
    A comprehensive review of the fundamental marketing program - includes statement of current sales, current market share, prime prospects to be found which leads to a pricing strategy based on the product
  5. What is the advertising analysis?
    it states the fundamental advertising strategy and budget to be used in meeting advertising objectives
  6. What is the media strategy?
    it spells out the media to be used and the creative considerations
  7. What is the media schedule?
    it notes when ads will appear in individual vehicles
  8. What is the justification and summary?
    it states the measures of goal achievement; it also states the rationale for each media choice
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