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  1. Barrida (Sweep)
    A sweep of the partner's foot. One partner's foot sweeps the other's foot without breaking contact
  2. Enganche (Hooking Action)
    A position in which the man and lady's legs are hooked around each other
  3. Molinete (Windmill)
    A figure in which the lady dances a grapevine figure (forward, side, back, side) around the man.
  4. Sacada
    From Sacar - to take out or displace. A displacement of the partner's leg or foot by the other's leg or foot respectively. The sacada is executed by placing the foot or leg in contact with the one to be displaced and then transferring weight to that foot.
  5. Cruzada (Cross)
    A position where the Lady's L.F. Is crossed tightly in front of the R.F. - i. e. Step 5 of the Basic
  6. Gancho (Hook)
    A hooking action that occurs when the man or the lady hooks their leg sharply around and in contact with the partner's leg by brushing the floor then flexing the knee
  7. CBM Contra Body Movement
    Movement of the side of the body opposite to the moving foot, on either forward or back steps.
  8. CBMP
    A foot position in which both feet share the same track
  9. Check
    A foot position in which the normal transfer of weight is interrupted while split weight and the feet are not collected in order to reverse direction.
  10. Outside Partner
    A step outside the partner's right side
  11. Outside Partner Left
    A step outside the partner's left side.
  12. Footwork
    The portion of the foot in contact with the floor. Traditional footwork on all forward walks in Argentine Tango is Ball Flat. However, a forward walk may also be taken with a heel lead. When a step is executed on the heel, then it is assumed that the whole foot comes in contact with the floor.
  13. Amount of Turn
    The amount of turn measured between the feet.
  14. Normal System
    Steps are taken with the partners' feet parallel - i.e. The Man steps forward on the L.F. As the Lady steps back on the R.F. Normal System is also known as Parallel System.
  15. Cross System
    Steps are taken on the same feet by the partners - i.e. The Man steps forward on the L. F. As the Lady steps back on the L.F. Cross System is entered and exited by one partner stepping while the other holds their position. (c.f. Changing from Normal System to Cross System below.)
  16. Embellishment
    An optional decoration with the feet, or sometimes the hand, which is not led.
  17. Syncopation
    Refers to one partner stepping twice while the other partner steps once as in changing to Cross System, or may refer musicality.
  18. Foot Positions
    The position of one foot in relation to the other.
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