World Civ test 3 Beau

  1. Who gave us the concepts in Math?
  2. Who gave us the concepts in philosophy?
  3. Who gave us the concepts in medicine?
  4. Who gave us the concepts in history?
  5. King of Persia for the first phase of the Persian war?
    Darius I
  6. What was the reason for the Persian war?
    Athens interfears with the affairs of Ionia and the Persian empire.
  7. Battles of the first phase of the Persian war?
    • Euboea- Greeks lose
    • Marathon- Greeks win
  8. Aftermath of first phase of persian war?
    Greeks win and persians leave.
  9. King of Persia during the second persian war?
  10. Battles of the 2nd phase of the persian war?
    Thermopolae- Leonidas and 7000 greeks die

    Salamis- Greek army loses and greek navy wins

    Plataea- Persians defeated and leave
  11. Ater the Persian war, who was the the leader in Athens and what does he do?
    Pericles who rebuilds Athens even better than it was before. He has theatres and other cultural structures built.
  12. After Pericles had the theatres built, who did he have come in to entertain?
    • Dramatists:
    • Sophacles
    • Euripedes
    • Aescuhlis
  13. Socrates
    • Soldier
    • Guiding rule-Know thyself
    • Goodness based on knowledge; wickedness based on ignorance
    • took the poison hemlok and died
  14. Plato
    • Known for "The Republic" which was the first treatise on political science.
    • Ideas are more real than material objects
    • Founded "the academy"
    • We do not learn; only remember
  15. Aristotle
    • Teacher of Alexander the Great
    • Founded the Lyceum
    • First to emphasize Empiracle research
    • "moderation of all things"
    • Said that the state was necessary for the "good life"
  16. First tyrant of Athens
  17. What are Archons?
    9 judges/magistrates selected from the upper class to rule Athens on a day to day basis.
  18. Which Archon started Athens on the road to democracy?
  19. Stoicism deals with what?
    Idea of "one must do ones duty"
  20. Who was the most famous stoicismist?
    Marcus Aureilius
  21. Stoicism's greatest teacher
  22. Most popular philosophy?
  23. Who had the first written laws created in Athens and what were they called?
    • Dracon
    • Draco's code
  24. What was Ostacism?
    In an anual vote citizens could exile some threat to the city for 10 years.
  25. Which leader introduced Ostracism?
  26. Who warned the Greeks about Phillip and Macedonia?
    Demosthenese- a great greek orater
  27. What were the Peloponnesian wars and who was involved?
    Civil war against Greece and Sparta

    • 1st phase- truce
    • 2nd phase-Sparta wins
  28. A greek polis is?
    City State
  29. Phillip II was from and did what?
    • Macedonia
    • conquered Greece
    • declared war on Persia
    • Father of Alexander
  30. What was life like for the Spartans after the Helot revolt?
    Completely militaristic
  31. Male spartans life
    • 1 purpose in life- serve the state
    • Boy is inspected by elders for flaws; weak infants would be left in the woods for the Gods
    • At 5-6 they were taken from their mother and sent to a military camp to begin training.
    • At 20 they were put into the military
    • Age 30 they could stay home and vote
  32. When did the Hellenistic age start?
    With the rule of Alexander
  33. Most important contribution of the Hellenistic age
    Commercial link between east and west.
  34. Language given to the world during the Hellenistic age?
  35. Where did Alexander come from?
  36. What city did Alexander create?
  37. Limits of Alexander's empire
    • As far East as India
    • As far west as the Greek Isles
  38. What did Alexander do?
    Conquered the world
  39. Where did Alexander die and where was he burried?
    • Died in Babylon
    • Burried in Alexandria
  40. What did the Egyptians and Indians make Alexander?
    A King and a God
  41. After Alexander died, what happened to his empire?
    it was divided and given to his top 3 generals
  42. What did the polis become for the Roman and Christian world?
    Formed the cultural foundation on which these spread
  43. Herodotus' view concerning the struggle between Persia and Greece.
    viewed the persian wars as the end of a long struggle between the culture of the east and the greek culture. The Greeks won and that is why we see through their eyes.
  44. 3 views of the greek Philosophy of the common people.
    Cynics-rejection of material life brought freedom

    Epicureans- taught that pleasure from self discipline was the chief good

    Stoics- one should do ones duty. Unity of man.
  45. Most famous Cynic-
  46. What did people turn to for answers?
    Tyche and mystery religions

    Growing belief in a 1 God that rules all.
  47. What was the greatest of all Greek pds?
    Hellenic Age
  48. What was the city Alexander built?
    • Alexandria
    • 2nd most populus and the most important commercial city in the western world.
  49. What city became the showplace of the Greek world?
  50. When Alexander's empire was divided up, who got what?
    • Antigonus- Greece and Macedonia
    • Seleucus- All of Asia Minor
    • Ptolemy- Egypt (the Jewel)
  51. The jewel
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