Series 7 Numbered Q's

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  1. Upon receiving a customer request for a copy of the signed predispute arbitration agreement, the member firm has how many business days to supply it?
  2. Under the Code of Arbitration, all monetary awards must be paid within how many days of the decision date?
  3. If a customer wishes to purchase a nonexempt security in a cash account, Regulation T requires a broker/dealer to receive payment in full within how many days?
    5 business days
  4. New issues are not marginable for how long?
    30 days
  5. RR must contact firm's large block desk if amount of shares customer wishes to sell is larger than
  6. Index-opton contract has multiplier of

    OCC is issuer of all exchange traded options
  7. According to investment act of 1940 what % of BOD must be non-interested persons?
  8. SS =
    stocks traded in 10 share units
  9. For every 1$ increase in LMV creates how much increase in purchase power?
  10. Eurodollar time deposits are overnight to
    180 days

    European banks lend these to eachother to form LIBOR
  11. Options contracts are not adjusted for cash dividends or distributions for less than
    $12.50 per options contract
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