CMST Chapter 5 quiz terms

  1. Artifacts
    any personal object with which one announces one's identities or personalizes one's environment
  2. Chronemics
    nonverval communication involving the perception and use of time to define identities and interaction
  3. environmental factors
    any nonverbal element of a settign that affects how we think fee, act, and communicate
  4. haptics
    nonverbal communication involving physical touch
  5. kinesics
    body position and body motions including those of the face that may be used to communicate or may be interpreted as communicating
  6. nonverbal communication
    all forms of commuication other than words themselfs includes inflection and other voccal qualities as well as several other behaviors such as shrugs, blusing and eye movement
  7. olfactics
    the perception of scents and odors one form of nonverbal commuication
  8. paralaanguage
    communication that is vocal but not verbal. includes accent inflection volume pitche and sounds such as murmurs and gasps
  9. physical appearance
    a form of nonverbal communication how we look including the cultural meanings values and expectations associated with looks
  10. proxemics
    a form of non verbal communication involves space and how we use it
  11. silence
    lack of sound can be a powerful form of nonverbal communication
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