Medical Terminology- OFT 140

  1. Cystometrogram
    Record that measures urinary volume, bladder pressure, & capacity to evaluate urinary dysfunction such as incontinence
  2. Cystoscopy
    examination of the bladder using a rigid or flexible cystoscope
  3. Kidney Biopsy (Bx), Renal Biopsy
    removal of kidney tissue for pathological examination
  4. Radiology
    (6 Types)
    • - intravenous pyelogram (IVP), intravenous urogram
    • - kidney, ureter, bladder
    • - scout film
    • - renal angiogram (arteriogram)
    • - retrograde pyeolgram
    • - voiding (urinating) cystourethrogram (VCU or VCUG)
  5. Intravenous Pyelogram (IVP),
    Intravenous Urogram
    • x-rays of the urinary tract taken after iodine is injected into the bloodstream & as the contrast passes through the kidney
    • - reveals: obstruction, evidence of trauma, etc.
  6. Kidney, Ureter, Bladder
    abdominal x-ray of kidney, ureter, & bladder
  7. Scout Film
    plain x-ray taken to detect any obvious pathology before further imaging
  8. Renal Anigogram (Arteriogram)
    x-ray of the renal artery made after injecting contrast material into a catheter in the artery
  9. Retrograde Pyelogram (RP)
    • x-ray of the upper urinary tract taken after contrast medium is injected up to the kidney by way of a small catheter passed through a cystoscope
    • - done to: detect the presence of stones or obstructions
  10. Voiding (Urinating) Cystourethrogram (VCU or VCUG)
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