Med Surg

  1. Bandage
    Bandagepiece of gauze or other material used the cover a wound
  2. debridement
    cleaning away devitalized tissue and foreign matter from a wound
  3. dehiscence
    seperation of the layers of a surgical wound; may be partial, superficial or a complete disruption of the surgical wound
  4. dermis
    layer of the skin below the epidermis
  5. desiccation
    dehydration;the process of being rendered free from moisture
  6. dressing
    protective covering placed over a wound
  7. epidermis
    superficial layer of the skin
  8. eschar
    a thick, leathery scab or dry crust that is necrotic and must be removed for adequate wound healing to occur
  9. evisceration
    protrusion of the viscera through n incision
  10. exudate
    fluid that accumulates in the wound; may contain serum, cellular debris, bacteria, and white blood cells
  11. fistula
    abnormal passage from an internal organ to the skin or from one internal organ to another
  12. granulation tissue
    new tissue that is pink/red in color and composed of fibroblasts and small blood vessels that fill an open wound whenit starts to heal
  13. ischemia
    deficiency of blood in a particular area
  14. maceration
    softening through liquid; overhydration
  15. necrosis
    death of cells and tissue
  16. pressure ulcer
    any lesion caused by unrelieved pressure that results in damage to underlying tissue
  17. scar
    coonective tissue that fills a wound area
  18. shearing force
    force created when layers of tissue move on one another
  19. wound
    injury that results in a disruption in the normal contiunity of a body tissue
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