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  1. Describe how amino acids are attached to produce a polypeptide chain in translation.
    Translator binds RNA; carries amino acid specified by the codon (aka binds the codon and carries appropriate amino acid as specified by that codon)
  2. What is an anticodon? Where is is found?
    complementary to the mRNA codon; when anticodon pairs with codon, it brings with it the appropriate amino acid; attached to the tRNA
  3. What is the third base wobble?
    flexibility in the base-pairing rules in which the nucleotide at the 5' end of a tRNA anticodon can form hydrogen bonds with more than one kind of base in the third position (3' end) of a codon
  4. If an antibiotic bound the A site, which phase of translation would be affected first?
  5. How do tRNAs become "loaded" with their amino acids?
    The P site amino acid is attached to the A site amino acid. Then mRNA + tRNAs move one codon over. This continues until a STOP codon is reached. Translation terminations
  6. How are membrane proteins localized?
    targeted to specific locataions
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