BIOLOGY Human Heredity 1

  1. What is the P generation in Mendel's experiment?
    It was the parent generation. All of the pea plants were purebred.
  2. What was the result of the F1 generation in Mendel's experiment?
    • There were no recessive traits in the plants visible.
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  3. What was the result of the F2 generation in Mendel's experiment?
    • Some of the recessive traits reappered.
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  4. What is a gene?
    They contol the traits of an organism
  5. What is an allele?
    A member of a gene pair that determines a specific trait
  6. What is a recessive trait?
    The effects of this trait are masked if a dominant one is present
  7. What is a dominant trait?
    A trait that is always expressed when present
  8. What does the term homozygous mean?
    • A gene pair that has the exact same forms of the gene. (Purebred)
    • Ex. BB
  9. What does the term heterozygous mean?
    • A gene pair that has different forms of the gene. (Hybrid)
    • Ex. Bb
  10. What does the Punnett Square for a cross between parents with Gg x Gg look like?
    What are the phenotypes and what are the genotypes?
    • Genotypes: 25% GG, 50% Gg, 25% gg
    • Phenotypes: 75% green, 25% yellow
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