Acts of Congress

  1. 1649- allow toleration for Potestants and Catholics in Maryland
    Act of Toleration
  2. 1662- loosened Puritan chruch requirements after drop in attendance
    Halfway Covenant
  3. 1763- Parliament resticted colonial settlement to east of Appalachians after clashes with Indians when colonists moved west
    Proclamation of 1763
  4. 1765- direct tax by Parliament which required stamps to be purchased for printed material
    Stamp Act
  5. 1767- revenue-producing taxes to pay for occupation of British troops in colonies; taxed lead, paint, glass, paper, tea
    Townshend Acts
  6. 1774- 4 acts to punish Boston for damage of Tea Party; refered to as the "Coercive Acts" by British
    Intolerable Acts
  7. 1774- established Catholicism as official religon of Quebec, expanded Quebec's territory
    Quebec Act
  8. 1785- passed by Article of Confederation Congress, established a method for surveying and selling western land, divided land into 6 mi2 "township"
    Land Ordinance
  9. 1787- passed by Articles of Confederation Congress,method for new territories joining union
    Northwest Ordinance
  10. 1798 series of acts By Federalists, imposed restrictions on aleins, attempt to limit Democratic-Republican party
    Alien and Sedition Acts
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