Health Final

  1. Certification
    The process of determining wheather a person has met predetermined standards.
  2. Registration
    Being placed on an official list after meeting the educational and testing requirements for a specific profession
  3. Licensure
    A designation that means a person has been granted permission to legally perform certain acts.
  4. Scope of Practice
    A descriprion of list of skills that a specific occupational title is legally allowed to preform
  5. Ethics
    Principles that help choose what is right and wrong to helps decide how to deal with situations.
  6. Ethical Dilemma
    when principles of ethical system appears to contradict each other and there is no clear answer.
  7. Code of ethics
    a guide of conduct for HCW
  8. Euthanasia or Mercy Killing
    Delibrate action to take someones life without pain.
  9. informed Consent, Implied consent, Expressed Consent
    • Informed- written
    • Implied-Actions of opening mouth or stick out arm
    • Expressed-Oral
  10. Battary, assult and false imprisonment
    • Battary- Placing hands on someone
    • Assult- Threating someone but not actually touching
    • False imprisonment- Keeping someone against there will
  11. Advanced Directives
    Someone who is unable to speak for themselves
  12. Fraud, Defamation of character, Libel, and slander
    • Fraud- Cheating or trickery
    • Defamation of character- unathorized info result that can harm
    • Libel- written
    • Slander- Oral
  13. Good Samaritan Law
    Protects HCW from liability when they give care in an emergancy situation
  14. Parasite
    Organism that nourishes itself at the expense of other living things and causes them damage.
  15. Pathogen
    Disease-causing microoragansim
  16. Normal flora
    Microorganism that commonly reside in a particular enviorment on or in the body
  17. Communicable disease
    a disease that can be transmitted either directly or indirectly from one individual to another
  18. Nosocomial Infection
    Infection that occurs while the patient is receiving health care
  19. CDC
    • Center for Diease Control
    • Goverment agency formulates saftey guidelines to help prevent and control the spread of infectious disease
  20. Triage
    Guidelines to determine which patients to send where and what treatment will be given during an emergency
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