1. Ankylosaurs are defined by what major characteristic?
    Armor / Spikes on the back.
  2. Nodosaur is different than the Ankylosaur in what major way?
    Nodosaur has no tail club, yet it has much larger spikes.
  3. Ankylosaurs mouth is what type of mouth?
  4. What is the aproxamite size of the ankylosaur
  5. Who discovered the Ankylosoaur?
    Richard Owen.
  6. Where was the Ankylosaur discovered?
  7. Are there many full specimens of the ankylosoar?
    No. 3-4
  8. For what reason are many fossils found in Mongolia , upright?
    Because they were burried so suddenly in what probably was sandstorms.
  9. What causes the terminal club at the end of the ankylosaur's tail?
    fused vertibrate.
  10. How come the fossils found in the coast line / coastal regions of North America were found upside down?
    Because of the weight of the armor on the ankylosoaur when in water would flip the body/skeleton over so the heavy armor is on the bottom.
  11. does the ankylosoaur live in a herd or not?
    It does not live in a herd
  12. What is a secondary palat, and which dinosaur has this?
    Ankylosaur has this, and it's a second palat in the mouth so it can chew / breath simultaneosly
  13. How fast could an ankylosaur walk/move?
    3km/h around
  14. Patchy was mainly in what time era?
    Late Cretaceos
  15. What dinosaur was like patchysaurus but had a flattened skull roof instead of rounded?
  16. Patchy's teeth were like?
    Just peg-like gripping teeth,

    No dental batteries
  17. Patchy's rib cage was what?
    Broad, room for a fat gut
  18. Which dinosaur was like patchy, but the head was just for show and not for butting / fighting?
  19. Ceretopsia evolved from what to what?
    1-2m bipeds to 5-10 m quadropeds
  20. Ceretopsia's origin is when and where?
    Late jurrasic, Asia.
  21. Stegoceras was defined by what?
    roof horn
  22. Neocerotopsia are what type of cerotopsia ?
  23. psittocerotopsia are what type of cerotopsia ?
  24. Ceratopsia had what type of teeth?
    dental battery
  25. What's unique about the ceratopsia's jaw muscle's?
    they attach through the lower temporal opening to the base of their frill
  26. Toroceratops is what type of unique ceratopsia?
    The largest ceratopsia
  27. Ceratopsia lived in herds or not?
    Herds ya boii
  28. Ornithapoda dinosaurs are in which time zones?
    early jurrasic -> late cretaceos
  29. Iguanadons (Ornithapod's) had what size brains?
  30. Ornithapod's had what type of teeth?
    Dental Batterys
  31. The gut of orthopoda suggests?
    fermentation of food
  32. Lambeosaurines had what distinct?
    • a hollow resonating crest on the top of it's head..
    • (hadrosaur)
  33. plateosaurus was known for it's what?
    it's a saurapodamorpha with a claw on it's hand
  34. saurapodamorpha were herdo or not?
    saurapodamorpha lived in herds.
  35. saurapodamorpha discovered in africa in ?
    1907, tanzania , largest excivation
  36. diplodocus is known for it's
    long skinnnny tale
  37. the camerasauras's skull is
  38. Arguments against saurapodamorpha having to live in the water to support it's massive body?
    water pressure, collapsing lungs.
  39. Saurapodamorpha's forlimbs were larger than backlimbs, true or false?
  40. basal saurapoda were this type of walker
  41. Which time zones were therapoda in?

    triassic -> cretaceos
  42. What's the Coelophysis known for?
    The best known predatory dinosaur. Thereapoda
  43. Deinonychus is known for doing what?
    jumping on it's prey and slashing with toenails and fingernails.. which happen to be massive deadly claws
  44. Coelophysis is known to live where?
    Ghost ranch with the Velocoraptor
  45. Carnotaurus is the lineage where of what ?
    It's a special therapoda lineage similar to the T-Rex on Gondwana land , it has two distinctive ridges/horns on it's head.
  46. Tetanurae means
    Stiff Tail
  47. T-Rex's front teeth are:
    D shaped in cross section
  48. How did therapoda reach such large sizes?
    Plentiful food in Cretaceos,

    Tons of ceratopsians + hadrosaurs etc
  49. Allosaurus is a ?
  50. What would happen when T-Rex's teeth were lost?
    They re-grew as needed
  51. Troodontids had the biggest _____?
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