micro test 3 part 4

  1. Sexually transmitted diseases
    Us - 30 million cases of STD's annualy reported. 10% of population.

    • 1. Gonorrea--caused by NEISSERIA GONORRHOEAE - DR. ALBERT NEISER
    • red coccoi with many pili

    MO very suseptable to disenfectants. Antibiotics and telatively tow temp of 43 deg.

    Incubaton = 2-6 days

    Symptoms = cream color dischare from Penis and Vagina. In Female lower abdominal pain. --in male in testicles. Sore throat in oral sex case. Burning urination in m-f.

    • cure = 1,000 mill peniciin shot and then oral penicillin. clears in 4-5 days
    • can also cause

    • a) Gonococcol Pharynisitis
    • b) Gonococcol Proctitis
    • c) Gonococcol Ophthalmia -(new born's)- 1% silver nitrate or antibiotic

    • Penicillinase - enzyme neutralized penicillin producing ;
    • Penicillinas producing nesseria gonorrhoeas PPNG
  2. Sexually transmitted disease 2

    caused by spiral organism TREPONEMA PALLIDUM.

    Can penetrate through tissues of sex organs. also through epithelio cells of mouth. and also hair folicles around genitals

    3 stages of disease

    • A) Primary stage --
    • incubation = 2-3 weeks.
    • symptoms = apperance of ugly large sores on penis & just inside Vagina and around rectum. In male above the lips, roof of mouth. sores are painless. Any BS anti-biotic would work at this stage. If not treated sores go away in 4-5 weeks.

    • B) Secondary stage
    • 6-7 weeks later apperance of dark spot on palm of hands or feet. blister on chest abdomen and back. Sudden loss of hair (eyebrow). BS antibiotics still work at this stage. after several weeks symptoms dissapear again. Still contagious.

    • C) Tertiary stage
    • appears 1-3 years later.
    • Symptoms = large ugly juicy paingul lesions on arms and elbows leges cause GUMMA, lessions could then appear on spinal chord and brain, causing insanity. Finally appear on Cardio vascualar system causing death.

    • Pregnant woman will pass on through placenta and baby born w/ physical abnormalities, i.e. no fingers toes or now. called Congenital syphilis or
    • Hutchinsons Disease.
  3. Sexually transmitted diseases 3
    Chlamydia (non-gonococcal urethritis)

    • common among high school and college students

    Incubation = Female 1 week - Male 3-4 weeks

    Symptoms = nasty smelling discharge (yello) burning urination - Pain in testicles and lower abdominal pain in female. if not treated in female will invade falopien tube causing sterilitiy.

    Treatment is BS Antibiotics.

    During delivery could have two diseses in Baby

    • a. Clamydia opthpalmia
    • b. Clamydia Pneumonia
  4. STI's (formerly STD's)
    • Bacterial
    • -Syphilis
    • -Gonorrhea
    • -Chamydia -fastest growing
    • -shigellosis
    • -group B streptococci

    • Viral
    • -Genital Herpes
    • -Genital Warts
    • -Hep B hepatitus
    • -HIV
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