social studies vocab

  1. Shrine
    areas to honor gods and goddesses
  2. frescoes
    watercolor paintings done on wet plaster
  3. straits
    narrow water passages
  4. polis
    greeks unique version of citystate
  5. acropolis
    high city
  6. monarchy
    a government in which a queen or a king has power
  7. aristocracy
    rule by a landholding elite
  8. oligarchy
    government in which the business class has power
  9. phalanx
    massive formation in which heavily armed foot soilders form
  10. helots
    state-owned slaves
  11. democracy
    goverment by the people
  12. tyrants
    people who gained power by force
  13. legislature
    law making body
  14. alliance
    a formal agreement between two or more nations
  15. direct democracy
    government in which th citizens get a part in
  16. stipend
    fixed salary
  17. jury
    citizens who have the power to make final judgement in a trial
  18. ostracism
    the process in which citizens banish a public figure who was saw as a threat
  19. logic
    rational thinking
  20. rhetoric
    the art of skillfull speaking
  21. tragedies
    stories of human suffering
  22. comedies
    funny plays which mocked people or customs
  23. assassination
    murder of a public figure
  24. assimilated
  25. heliocentric
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social studies vocab
social studies vocab