Micro test 3 part 3

  1. Food and Water Borne Disease
    Food Borne INFECTON--caused by ingestion of Large numbers of Live Pathogenic MO's.

    Food Borne INTOXICATION --caused by ingestion of the toxins which have already been produced in food.
  2. Food Borne Infections
    1. Salmonellosis -- #1 cause of food poisioning - 60,000 cases in US. Caused by ingestion of Live SALMONELLA approx 1,800 strains of salmonella, all pathogenic. 4 examples;


    Source of MO is GI tracht of animals-birds-pet turtles-Iguana

    Incubation period is 18-24 hours

    Symptoms = extreme abdominal cramps-vomit-diarhea.

    Dangerous for young kids and older people.
  3. Typhoid Fever -Water borne disease
    Typhoid Fever caused by Salmonella Typhi. This MO is found resistant to the acidity of stomach so just a few MO could cause illness. When in small intestine they will attach the inner lining of small intenstine causing appearance of blood in stool.

    Incubation is 24 hours

    Symptoms also diarhea--vomit-appearance of small red spots on abdomin of patient which is hemorage of small blood vessels.

    Dangerous Disease Patient must have anti-biotics.. Best is Chloramphenical. Preventitive is Vaccine.
  4. Cholera -- Water Borne Disease
    Caused by -- VIVIO CHOLERAE. Worst of the water borne diseases.

    Incubation = 24 hours

    • Symptoms = Diarhea- vomitting-loss of water 10-15 liters per day.
    • Affects circulation- lack of oxygen in brain cause comma and death.

    High mortality 70%.

    Treatment BS antibiotics. Prevention = vaccine

    Raw oysters --VIBRIO VALNIFICUS
  5. Food Borne Intoxication

    • CLOSTRIDIUM BOTULINUM - Strict anerobe Sub-terminal spore larger than cell.
    • Spores found in soil- source GI tracht of large animal. will germenate only in Anerobic condition otherwise dormant. First isolated from blood sausage.

    To destroy spore - 120 deg for 10 minutes.

    • Under strict anerobic conditions this organism prduces 8 exotoxins
    • A-B-C1C2 D-E-F-G
    • ABE cause food borne intoxication in humans. all other in animals.
    • Toxins are colorless-odorless and tasteless. Very potent. 1 microgram can kill person.

    • Foods involved
    • non-acid canned foods -vaccum packed

    Incubation = 24-36 hours

    symptoms = headache-nausea-vomitt-fever after 36 hours-double vision-difficulty breathing-speaking. This indicates toxins have affected CNS.

    Polyvarant Antitoxin given until results come back from Lab. Once identified, Clostridium botulinum anti-toxins.

    If wrongly diognosed then patient could become paralyzed then die.

    Toxins very heat sensitive 100 deg C. boil for 5 min will deactivate toxins
  6. Food Borne Intoxication 2
    Staph food poisoning caused by

    • 2nd to salmonella for food poisioning. Under ideal conditions Pactletive aerobic condition produces 6 toxins (exotoxins)
    • A-B-C1-C2-D-E
    • All cause food borne intoxication in human.
    • Source up the nose.
    • Food involved - Cram-mayo. (Helophile) salt ie. ham.

    Once produced Toxin is hard to get rid of. Highly resistant to heat. 100 deg for 30 min to deactivate.

    incubation is short --3 hours

    symptoms - headache-nausea-vomit-fever. Not fatal to healthy humans. tough on kids and old folks.
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