U-Verse Flash Card

  1. What type of technology does U-verse use to deliver service and what are some of its benefits
    Fiber optic. Benefits of fiber optic technology include faster transmission, increased broadband, less interference and cleaner transmission of services.
  2. What package is required to get U-verse Mobile for free?
    U300 or higher
  3. Where would you customize the weather on your U-bar?
    Att.net or channel 227
  4. Name 3 parental control features with U-verse High Speed Internet
    • View History
    • Set levels of access
    • Site restriction
  5. Name three benefits of the Total Home DVR.
    Ability to access recorded content from any t.v. with a receiver.

    Pause, rewind and fast forward recorded content from any t.v. with a receiver.

    Pause programming in one room, resume in another.
  6. How many High Definition channels does the San Diego market carry?
  7. What do you need to log into AT&T's Wi-Fi spots?
    Your U-verse primary email address and password.
  8. How many wireless devices can you connect with to the U-verse gateway?
    10 wireless/4 hard wired
  9. Name one benefit of remote access to the Total Home DVR?
    Ability to manage recordings on the go from a wireless device or a computer.
  10. U-verse offers both Pay Per View and Video on Demand. Which one are you able to record on the Total Home DVR?
    Video on Demand
  11. How many streams of live video does U-verse support?
    4 live Standard Defination streams, or 2 High Defination and 2 Standard Definition.
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