Veterinary Anatomy

  1. The skeleton can be divided in to 3 sections, what are they?
    The 3 sections are: Axial, appendicular and Visceral
  2. Name the 3 parts of the axial skeleton
    head, neck and trunk aka skull, vertebral column and thorax
  3. What connects the thoracic girdle to the axial skeleton?
    Muscle attachments (synsarcosis)
  4. What are the regions of the thoracic limb and what bones do each include?
    • Shoulder: Scapula
    • Brachium: humerus
    • Antebrachium: Radius and Ulna
    • Carpus: Carpal bones
    • Manus: mdtacarpal, phalangeal and sesamoid bones
    • Digits: Proximal, middle and distal phalanges and assoc sesamoid bones
  5. What are the regions of the pelvic limb and what bones do each include?
    • Pelvis/pelvic girdle: hip bones (tuber coxae) ilium, ischium and pubis
    • sacrum and few caudal vertebrae
    • Thigh: Femur
    • Stifle: femur and tibia and fibula
    • Crus: tibia and fibula
    • Tarsus/hock: Tarsal bones
    • Pes:tarsal/metatarsal, phalangeal and sesamoid bones
    • Digits: proximal, middle and distal phalanges and assoc sesamoid bones
  6. What are 2 possible methods of osteogenesis?
    • Intramembranous- as in the skull w/ flat bones
    • endochondral- as in long bones with physes
  7. What are the 2 diff types of growth plates? Give examples of each
    • Traction (olecranon, calcaneus)
    • Compression
  8. What are the palpable lateral processes just caudal to the skull?
    Wings of the atlas
  9. What are the enlarged transverse processes that are identifiable in radiographs on the cervical region?
    Sled of the 6th cervical vertabrae
  10. What is usually the 11th thoracic vertebrae with the most vertically oriented spine used as landmark for back rads?
    the anticlinal vertabrae
  11. What is the dorsal gap b/w the arches of contiguous vertebral arches used as access points to the vertebral canal for epidurals?
    interarcuate spaces
  12. What is the distal end of the spine of the scapula?
  13. What is the ventral part of the acromion in cats?
    Suprahamate process
  14. What is the origin of the biceps brachii on the scapula that can be fractured?
    Supraglenoid tubercle
  15. What is the palpable most cranial part of the shoulder of the thoracic limb?
    point of shoulder or Greater tubercle
  16. What is the canal in the medial epicondyle of the cat humerus that carries the median n and brachial vessels?
    Supracondylar canal; don't break the humerus here!
  17. What is the proximal end of the notch/trochlea of the ulna
    Anconeal process
  18. What is the distal end of the trochlear ulna?
    medial coronoid process
  19. What small sesamoid may be located on the medial side of the carpus?
    Sesamoid bone of the oblique carpal extensor tendon
  20. What bony process holds the horny claw?
    Ungual crest...must be cut off dorsally so that claw doesn't grow back after a declaw
  21. What is the palpable part of the hip bone caudal to the flank?
    point of the hip aka tuber coxae
  22. What is the palpable caudal end of hip bone?
    Ischial tuber aka ischiatic tuberosity aka pin-bone
  23. What is the palpable lateral structure of the proximal femur?
    Greater trochanter
  24. what is the palpable proximal end of the tibia?
    tibial tuberosity
  25. What is the distal end of the fibula?
    Lateral malleolus
  26. What is the small sesamoid bone that may be found on the lateral side of the stifle?
    Sesamoid in the tendon of origin of the popliteal muscle
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