1. it's necessary to initiate an Air Force Form 579. Controlled Substance Register when you receive a
    controlled drug order from one of your nursing units.
  2. Which Narcotic System Report would you most likely run if you had a missing Air Force Form 579?
    Outstanding Issue Report.
  3. Which Narcotic System report allows you to print prescription data for all controlled substance prescriptions filled for a specified date range?
    Drug Enforcement Agency Report.
  4. 59. (223) For how many years is Air Force Form 781 retained before it is destroyed?
  5. 60. (223) Bulk order forms. such as Department of Defense (DD) Form 1150. Request for Issue or Turn-In, for non-controlled drugs are destroyed after
    a. I year.
  6. 61. (223) Bulk order forms. such as Department of Defense (DD) Form 1150, Request for Issue or Turn-In. for controlled drugs are destroyed after
    3 years
  7. 67. (226) Which Federal Drug Administration (FDA) reporting program is designed to capture information related to adverse drug reactions with the exception of vaccine products?
    MedWatch only.
  8. 69. (226) What is the name of the anonymous. internet-accessible medication reporting system that is designed to prevent and reduce medication errors'?
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